Hunger Hits Home

Food Network Special “Hunger Hits Home” Will Touch Your Heart!

The Food Network presents a documentary special this evening called “Hunger Hits Home” which will touch your heart and seek to touch your sense of humanity and civic duty (hopefully) through your pocketbook! This is a show that addresses a very sensitive (and overwhelmingly desperate) situation of childhood hunger in America. The “No Kid Hungry” campaign which is sponsored by the Food Network and Share Our Strength looks to the citizens of this country as a means of helping combat this issue through developing the attitude of generations past – “It takes a village to raise a child” – which unfortunately seems to be one that has escaped much of the American population in recent years until some catastrophic event (like the terrorist attacks) or what seems like a desperate plea hits the airwaves.

This documentary tonight will have a first-hand look at this crisis through the eyes of parents, children, educators, politicians, actors, and those who are attacking this problem head-on at the grassroots level…communities. The message is simple – “CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU!” Last Sunday was Easter where many shared an abundance of food with family and friends in celebration of the life of Jesus Christ and the Christian belief of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” According to the scriptures, on what has become one of the holiest days in religion, Jesus arose from the dead that mortal man might have faith in the forgiveness of God and give credence to the supposition the path in life we are to take is to live righteously in the service of the Almighty. Even if you do not believe in doctrine or a higher power of anything other than science, unless you are completely devoid of human emotion, this is a show you (and your children) should watch for childhood hunger in America is NOT an isolated issue affecting the slums or the economically distraught areas, this is a NATIONWIDE problem and affects someone you or your child knows RIGHT NOW!

I will be watching this special tonight which airs on the Food Network channel on cable television at 8/7c. Please be there with me because even if you do not think there is anything you are able to do, you might discover there really is…it could be as simple as buying an extra can of corn at the grocery store to donate to your food bank, saving five dollars each week in your budget in order to donate $20 at the end of the month to Share Our Strength (to many this would simply be avoiding Starbucks one morning) or sponsor a bake sale at one of your child’s school functions to raise money for (and awareness of) this issue in your community. If you cannot view the channel or miss the show, please return for additional information which will appear in the recap posted following the airing tonight. Until then, think of the words once spoken by a great president, John F. Kennedy~

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

We all pounced on the terrorist bandwagon when the Pentagon and Trade Center was attacked that fateful day in September, 2001…it is about time we take a peek inside our own walls and ask “Why, as one of the richest countries in the world, do children sit at tables without food day after day?” We have to all be in this together to survive as a country!

Image and video clip courtesy of the Food Network. Quote courtesy of Brainy Quote

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