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Get “Tanked” Tonight With the Season 2 Premiere on Animal Planet!

Shark Tank has nothing on the shark tank being constructed tonight on the season 2 premiere of Tanked which will air this evening on Animal Planet beginning at 9 E/P. What is “Tanked?” It is a show about two guys who are brother-in-law and partners in an aquarium manufacturing business who build outrageous tanks which are only limited by the imagination. Wayde King is the CEO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) and Brett Raymer is the COO. Irwin “The General” Raymer, Brett’s father, runs the show in the office and Robert “Robbie Redneck” Christlieb is the marine technician and plumber whose knowledge about theater props almost puts a crimp in Brett’s shark head plan when he discovers it is fiberglass! Never fear…there is ALWAYS a solution!

Tonight the larger-than-life outrageous tank will become the home to some sharks. Some marine tank owners have criticized the show as being too “Jersey Shore” and making it seem as though building a tank and caring for it is easy and bypasses the amount of information which needs to be known to successfully maintain a saltwater aquarium not to mention the expense of it. With that being stated, it looks like an incredibly humorous and interesting show where individuals with limited knowledge can hope to learn some information while being entertained not to mention gaining ideas which might be able to be incorporated on a much smaller in their own homes.

Face it…who wouldn’t want a giant shark aquarium in your home with a shark head prop? How about one which was created from a PT Cruiser to sit on your automotive showroom floor? There are always business owners looking for ways to add that sense of uniqueness which customers will remember and return for. Could you imagine walking in to gas station in Hollywood nowadays and seeing an aquarium made from an old-fashioned gas pump? How cool would that be?

This is a show that attempts to bring humor mixed with some information for the general public in an entertaining way to showcase the talents and imagination of these artists. It is not meant to be a documentary or instructional so when taken in the light of the purpose, it could just fill a space on your Saturday night viewing card. If you miss the show, CMR will have a recap of the highlights later tonight.

Image and video courtesy of Tanked!


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