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60 Minutes Tonight 4/15: Tribute To Mike Wallace

60 Minutes has a special episode tonight that will celebrate the life of Mike Wallace and his long career on the show. Wallace was an original anchor on the show and his distinctive voice is easily recognized by millions. He finally left this world on April 7 at a care facility for older adults. He was 93. He has been described as a “liberal” by many in his field, but no one ever accused him of being biased in that way. Wallace, though not perfect, did his job with the utmost integrity for the topic he was discussing and always tried to keep his personal views out of the interview.

Early in his career, he was an announcer for such radio shows as “The Green Hornet” and “Sky King.” After a short career in acting, Wallace returned to news and in 1968 started with 60 Minutes. He received over 20 Emmy Awards over the years and lived a professional life that many reporters today can only dream of. His son, Chris Wallace, works for the FOX News Channel.

Look for the show tonight to recap the long and lustrous career of Mike Wallace and show us some of his greatest work.
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