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3 Silent Deadly Diseases And The Warning Signs On Dr. Oz Today 4/16/2012

The Dr. Oz Show is talking about women’s health today and will give us 3 dangerous diseases that can kill you before you know you even have a problem. Women are notorious for putting their own issues aside in order to take care of their families. Sometimes they get subtle signals from their bodies and they are ignored. This can have deadly consequences. On the show today, Oz will reveal the top 3 silent killers of women. He will give us the warning signs to look for that you need to know so you can get to a doctor. We know diseases like high blood pressure can go unnoticed unless you get a blood pressure test. Diabetes can invade your body and you will only get a few symptoms that mimic other common ailments like a cold. Learn how to recognize when a pain or ache is just normal and when it could mean something more today.

Oz will focus on being proactive with your health today and teach you to notice the warning signs of something deadly. The biggest key is communicating with your doctor. You should always tell you doctor of anything that is “out of whack” so he or she can evaluate the situation and maybe run some tests. Early detection is the key to surviving things like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. If detected early, there is a great success rate in controlling or curing these diseases. Tune in today to find out the subtle symptoms you need to look for to detect these diseases.

Doctor OZ airs at different times across the US so check your local TV Guide for the time in your area. If you miss the show or just miss a detail or two, you can always come back here on CMR for our complete recap of all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.

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