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New Miracle Weight Loss Pill And Reality TV Stars On Dr. Oz Today 4/19


Dr. Oz is hob knobbing with with Reality TV Stars again today and he also has a new “Silver Bullet” pill for incredible weight loss success. Tabatha Coffey, of the hit Bravo TV series called “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”, will be on the show to discuss how to look good and probably give us some of her own tips for looking and feeling great. Robert Verdi will also be on the show today. He is the host of “The Robert Verdi Show” on LGBT TV. Robert is a style and fashion expert that has made his name giving his critique of what celebrities are wearing and doing to look good and keep fit.

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The main focus of the show today is a new “Super Pill” that is supposed to combine two well known chemicals. One actually changes the way your brain reacts to certain foods. When you eat something sweet, your brain sends out pleasure signals and actually produces a reaction that tells you “this is great” and you start wanting to have that feeling more often. So you eat more of these bad foods and gain weight. This drug reprograms your brain to have less of a reaction to food and has been used by itself for many years as a diet supplement.

The second product is Phenteramine and it has also been used as a weight loss supplement. It works by lowering your appetite. Both of these drugs have side effects and the dosage is very tricky to get right. Dr. Craig Primack talks of how they have combined these two supplements into one pill and have seen dramatic weight loss in their patients. He also says they can use a lower dosage of each one when they combine them so there are fewer side effects. Chris Powell, fitness expert, will also be on the show to chime in about this new supplement and how it could benefit some of his clients.

Dr. Oz has started a lot of frenzies this year by talking about a new diet supplement. We know that he always recommends that serious weight loss needs to be a lifestyle change. Getting started on a diet is the hardest thing to do for a lot of us. Seeing little or no results can be a big problem and cause us to stray from our new healthy routine. Can this new pill help us get started on a healthy lifestyle and actually help us lose weight? Find out today on Dr. Oz. If you can’t watch the show, you can always check back on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Oz is talking about.

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