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“Scandal” Recap (4/19/12): Kerry Washington Shines as Olivia Pope

Tonight on ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington shines as Olivia Pope in the episode “H*ll Hath No Fury” as she tries to downplay a woman scorned as she takes on Amanda Tanner, a woman completely scorned by the president while an intern at the White House seeking retribution.

H*ll hath no fury like a president scorned should be the headline for this episode as the presidential adviser, Cyrus Beene, has made it plenty clear he is willing to play both sides of the fence to get what he wants and that is yet to be revealed, but for now he has managed to pit Olivia Pope against President Fitzgerald Grant.

The episode begins with Olivia deciding to take the case of Amanda Tanner without a consensus vote from the remainder of her staff as well as take on the case of Shane Harding, a millionaire’s son of mega CEO Sandra Harding, who has been charged with the assault of a special education school teacher, Helen Fisher. Shane slips up and makes a statement to Harrison Wright, his legal babysitter, about women always deciding on the money after Helen declines an $8 million settlement offer.

Harrison researches Travis Harding’s bank accounts and find he made three $200K payments to Rachel Klein who was apparently an assault victim as well who killed herself. The car he purchased for her sits in her parents driveway and the American University sticker on it leads them to that Helen Fisher was Rachel’s best friend who found her after the suicide and the case was never about money, but about retribution. Olivia tell Sandra he will get off of the charges against him for the assault of Helen as there is no evidence and she cannot testify against him for Rachel’s assault, but she needs to do the right thing and make him responsible for ruining the lives of the two women. The assault kit for Rachel was processed and the DNA matches Travis. When given the opportunity to turn himself in, Travis appeals leniency to his mother, who expected the response and already turned him in to the police as well as resign from her company.

Meanwhile, the president has not been sleeping and although at the beginning his wife seems clueless, she definitely knows there was an affair with Olivia and invites her to the state dinner that evening. Olivia meets with Amanda Tanner, a White House intern who abruptly left after an affair with President Grant. The only request she has it a face-to-face, one-on-one meeting with the president which Olivia arranges through Beene. Cyrus tells President Grant he believes Olivia and Amanda are both blackmailing him after he supposedly receives an audio taping of the president’s indiscretion with Amanda Tanner.

At the state dinner, Grant demands Pope meet him for a clandestine encounter in the garden but Cyrus intercepts her, telling her she is being played by the president just before he appears in the garden to tell the president Olivia cancelled the meeting with Tanner and she is playing him. The question is “Who called Amanda, if in fact, anyone called her at all?” Quinn did uncover some interesting information from reporter Gideon who told her he never spoke with Tanner before Olivia gives him an exclusive interview with Sandra Harding. This leads Pope to put pressure on Amanda for the truth which is she is pregnant! Things are starting to get VERY interesting. How is Olivia going to deal with this new revelation?

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