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Dr. Oz Gives Tips To Boost Energy For Specific Body Types 4/24


The Dr. Oz show starts today with Oz saying that our “energy type” can be the reason we can’t lose weight and are sluggish all the time. We get the three energy types and specific ways each one reacts to certain foods, chemicals, and slow thyroid activity. He goes over each energy type and gives us tips on how our bodies react to certain vitamins and minerals. The three types are reactive, meaning you are highly sensitive to stress, fluctuating, meaning you have unexplained exhaustion, and sluggish, meaning you are sensitive to temp changes and have chronic fatigue.

First, Reactive type people are always edgy, feel tired in the first part of the day, and usually gain weight in their upper body. Oz says this can be from a problem with the adrenal glands and recommends we cut the amount of Cortisol in our diet. He says we should eat more low glycemic carbs with lower ones found in whole grain foods and beans. Second, fluctuating energy types tend to gain weight in their lower body and make you monthly cycle off schedule. To fix this, you need to cut down on the soy products, eat more dairy and nuts, and get rid of your beauty products that contain Paraben. Third, Sluggish energy types feel tired all day and gain weight all over their bodies. If you this type, you are probably having thyroid issues. You need to stay away from foods like broccoli, cabbage, and other greens. Now you can still eat these but you need to steam them to lower the Goitrens that are in them. You should also take more vitamin D and Oz recommends 1000mg a day.

Next, we get ways to boost our energy and supercharge our body. First, puree your favorite fruit or veggie and add it to a smoothie or even something as simple as applesauce for a great energy boost. You can use Siberian Ginseng Extract by soaking your coffee filter in it overnight and then using the filter to make you morning tea or coffee. Finally, Phytates could be causing you to not get all the benefits from your nuts. You can counteract this by soaking yout nutsin purified water overnight. This will help your body absorb all the nutrients from nuts and give you an energy boost.

The third segment is about cheating your cravings. Many of us crave foods that are bad for us like ice cream, cheese fries, and other unhealthy foods. Not having these foods can cause us to stress out just like an addiction to things like caffeine and sugar. You need to remember the three “t’s” to fight cravings: taste, temperature, and texture. You body craves certain things because it knows you will be filing one of the things above. You can make simple changes in your snacks to fool your brain into thinking it is getting its fix. If you crave ice cream, try taking a banana, dipping it in chocolate, and rolling it in nuts. Put this in the freezer and eat it when you crave ice cream. Next, If you like cheese fries, try taking Zucchini slices and rolling then in bread crumbs and cheese. Lay them out on a cooking sheet and bake until crispy. This is a great low calorie substitute for cheese fries.

Dr. Elisabeth Tanzi is on the show to give us hidden things in our house that are causing our skin to age faster than normal. First, don’t use a plastic or regular loofah as this is unnecessary. A regular washcloth is all you need to get rid of dead skin cells. She also says to use a product like Dove’s Shea Butter Cream Oil Body Wash once weekly to help keep you skin smooth and moisturized. Next, Tanzi reveals that we age faster on the side of our body that we sleep on. She says this is proven that people get more botox and other treatments on the side they usually sleep on. To look younger you need to sleep on your back and you can use a pillow to help you. The Vasseur Skin Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pillow will force you to sleep on your back and stop that premature aging. Finally, our hands age faster when we are constantly dippng them in cleaning chemicals. Try using gloves when you clean or do the dishes to keep these chemical off of your hands. Also, Oz points out that using anti bacterial hand sanitizers will dry out your hands and can actually be harmful. He says regular soap will get rid of germs if used properly and suggests we use the new Seventh Generation soaps as they are less caustic to the skin.

Now Big Daddy comes on the show to give us a way to make chicken and dumplings healthy. He substitutes low sodium chicken stock and also chick pea flour to make the dumplings. Making these substitutes, you can cut the calories in half. Go to doctoroz.com for the complete recipe.

For more on any of the topics discussed today you can go to Oz’s web site by flowing the link below.
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