Dan DiZio, Philly Pretzel Factory, Gets Bent on “Undercover Boss” Tonight

“Undercover Boss” is back tonight with Philly Pretzel Factory president and co-founder, Dan DiZio, and he is about to get tied up with some salty situations he uncovers while undercover. Why does he want to risk exposing himself? DiZio wants feedback from the franchisees and see how things are running on the frontlines in order to devise a plan to take this company from a localized favorite to a national name.

He will work as someone interested in becoming a franchise owner with Bill, who he discovers is a little bit rouge. Will he explode and blow his cover? DiZio will be trained by Marques as an assistant manager at one of the successful locations of Philly Pretzel to learn the secrets to this success, but can he keep pace without getting tied in knots? Gino teaches him the ropes of delivery these pretzels through the streets of Philly on foot using only a handcart as DiZio reacquaints himself with traffic, pedestrians, and the elements. How long before Gino feels like kicking him to the curb? Finally, Billy will show Dan the secrets to being company mascot whose dance moves are more than simply waving a hand; it’s all in breaking down the plan which is to get customers into the stores. It takes all the right moves, but will Dan have them?

Discover how the president of Philly Pretzel Factory fares tonight in each of these positions which are crucial to the success of this company as he goes incognito on “Undercover Boss” tonight on CBS starting at 8/7c.

Image and video clip courtesy of CBS

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