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Mark Cuban Takes a Bite Out of Other Sharks on “Shark Tank”

Is Mark Cuban going rogue tonight on “Shark Tank?” It appears so as he takes a bite out of the other sharks in the wheeling and dealing which will take place tonight on “Shark Tank” which returns to ABC after a brief hiatus. So who is it that gets Mark Cuban all excited?

The four companies pushing promotions for their products on this episode include Nailpak, a company created by a mother of six girls which is a three-in-one twist on your classic nail polish. Who better to know the minds of the female? According to some research, this product features a screw-on bottom that holds 40 pre-soaked nail polish removing pads and a nail file which combines as an easy on-the-go nail manicure center with a quality nail polish in 18 fabulous shades. What is cool about this product is it features 6 different nail “fixer” products including one for aging nails. Will Lori Grenier be in the tank tonight because this would be just the product she would flip for to promote on QVC but is it the entrepreneur that has Mark willing to eat other sharks over?

Debbie Brooks is a fashionista’s dream come true with couture handbags that have a style all their own…changeable inserts called fabs as well as being completely customizable with individual uploads so if a bride wants to feature herself on her special day with a picture of her entourage on a clutch, she can! This company has been around for ten years and relatively well received with numerous celebrity clientele; why does she need the sharks?

TriMi Tanks in just another of the cool ideas facing the sharks tonight which are tank tops designed with switchable straps to suit your mood. One thing is certain-the partners, Lindsay Johnson and Nikki Bilski, need a faster loading website. What else are they looking for in a partnership? Finally, Lollacup comes to the shark tank with a pitch for the already successful product which has been featured in countless magazines. It is a sippy cup complete with straw.¬† This looks like a product that Kevin O’Leary will be all over wanting to make more money through outsourcing manufacturing overseas. Could that be what this company is looking for?

Find out tonight when the newest episode of “Shark Tank” airs on ABC starting at 8/7c.


Image and video clip courtesy of ABC

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