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“60 Minutes” Tonight – Just Say No to Drugs and Yes to Waterboarding!

60 Minutes tonight is sure to stir up some controversy as Lesley Stahl interviews Jose Rodriguez, ex-CIA chief who supports the use of waterboarding by CIA agents during the interrogation of suspected al Qaeda detainees in Guantanamo Bay following the events of 9-11. He is the former head of the CIA’s Clandestine Service who used the often times considered torturous method of waterboarding to extract confessions and information from individuals who later were discovered not to even be connected with al Qaeda. Although he states regret for not cancelling the program, he defends it use of what he considers enhanced interrogation techniques…i.e. torture. What are your opinions about this? Are you onboard with the waterboard?

Morley Safer addresses addictions to prescription drugs and food products such as sugar with Dr. Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse as to why it is so difficult to “Just Say No” to drugs and other addictive behaviors. She states that the public perception that just learning to say no is simple is magical thinking; as she reveals how brain scans are being used to study addictive behavior. She says the changes in brain function lasts long after the substance has been discontinued making addiction a long lasting problem.

Where do you stand on the controversy about sugar addiction as well as other food addictions? Do you but into the brain chemistry change now being assigned blame for people being  unable to overcome addictions? How difficult is it for you to “Just Say No” to that cappuccino in the morning or that afternoon candy bar? Are you instantly drawn into a McDonald’s by the golden arches and the promise of hot, tasty fries?

Let us know what you think about the stories to be aired tonight on 60 Minutes and if you are unable to watch the show or miss it, return her later for the complete live recap of these stories.

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  1. David Rogerson says

    Leslie Stahl has obviously never served in the military. She is the most liberal piece of poor journalism nown to man. Get a life. You apparently have no idea what terrorist are. She needs to be water boarded daily with out her wig on ! Been watching 60 minutes for years. She has got to go !!!!!
    CBS has definitely hit rock bottom.

  2. Ralph says

    I cannot believe that there are those that have sympathy for a person that was responsible for the deaths of over 3000 people and proud of it. It matters to me not what religion a person is, that kind of killing is pure murder and evil. A crime against humanity!
    We do our best to eradicate vermin that is harmful and deadly to mankind, what is the difference? Vermin is vermin, human or whatever. The problem with human vermin is that it knows what it’s doing. Rats, virus’s, whatever are only doing what they do to survive by instinct.
    I have no compassion for those who kill for spite. I don’t believe any God of good commands to kill.
    What is water boarding compared to capture and torture and public beheading? What is righteous and what is OK? Celebrating in the streets and the dismembering of falling soldiers? Do people forget so soon? Does the press forget or care? I’m sure there are those of us that remember.
    I forgive a soul but I cannot forgive the person nor the evil that lies within that allows the person to perform such horrible acts in the so called name of a God.

  3. Bea says

    If you read Ali Soufan’s “Black Banners” you will see that Jose Rodriguez and the CIA hindered quality interrogation of the Al Quada and 9/11 suspects. Ali Soufan should be the person interviewed.

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