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It’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears for Amazing Race Tonight in Cochin, India

It’s blood, sweat, and tears for Amazing Race tonight in Cochin, India as Art and JJ get left in the dust on their detour and barely beat Bopper and Mark to the pitstop. In fact, watching the show, one does not understand how they actually did it. Find out what else goes on in leg of the race which is proving to be far more challenging than any other~

The show starts out with the teams having to get the first clue which includes a fast forward that Brendon and Rachel take on not knowing it involves shaving heads which puts them behind and possibly facing elimination. When they reach the fast forward, Rachel whines about having spent $500 on extensions and Brendon, looking upset, forces her to leave as they head back to complete the road block. Meanwhile, Bopper and Mark are back at the hotel trying to overcome dehydration as they wait to begin but face a speed bump which requires them to paint a tiger on the belly of a dancer before even getting started. They are WAY behind by now!

The road block requires one member of the team to spin coconut husks into a rope and them spin four sections of rope on to a spindle before receiving the next clue. It is Vanessa and Ralph out of the gate first but Vanessa sprains her ankle running which puts them a little behind. Rachel and Dave followed by Art and JJ are next to leave before Rachel and Brendon get a grasp on things and get spinning. Art and JJ take the “Pack a Box” detour which requires them to pack ten boxes of ginger and deliver for shipping. The others take the “Pachy-Derm” detour where they have to dress an elephant before shoveling dung. Vanessa is already raising issues as she states she thinks Rachel and Brendon have cheated by jumping from three wheelbarrows to seven. What a witch!

Anyway, Bopper and Mark complete the speed bump and get the fast forward where they are having their heads shaved before they get the clue to lead them to the pitstop. Rachel and Dave get a break as the ferry leaves just before Rachel and Brendon and Vanessa and Ralph arrive making them the winners of this leg of the race. They are awarded $10K each! Back in town, Art and JJ are finishing up their detour and it looks like Bopper and Mark will beat them to the finish line as the other two teams cross in second and third. They are asked, however, if there has been any reason for penalty to which Vanessa brings up the miscounted wheelbarrows trying to make trouble. The guys tell the women to shut up and there are apologies issued while we wait for the final teams to cross.

In the end, it is Art and JJ who cross before Bopper and Mark where there are tears shed from the difficulties faced this leg and JJ declares if any one should win, it is them because they have survived blood, sweat, and tears. Boohoo! Anyone out there think they are the one who should have been axed this week? It was heartbreaking to have Bopper and Mark told they were eliminated, but they put on a great fight right to the end and no one can fault them for that! Go KENTUCKY! You will forever be in our hearts!

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