Dr. Oz Today 5/7/2012: Hunger Control Secrets And Transformation Nation Finals

The Dr.Oz show starts out today talking about ways to keep your appetite under control so you won’t sabotage your diet. Lowering your calorie intake can cause severe hunger pains. These pains make you eat and then you have destroyed your diet goals for the day. Oz says that the inability to control your appetite is the number one reason why most people fail to stick with any diet plan. If you go around craving food all day, you are going to eat. So how do you control your hunger? He says that this problem is where supplements can benefit us.

First, he recommends Glucomannan as a way to feel full so you don’t overeat. Glucomannan is the Konjac Plant and it controls hunger by filling up your stomach with fiber. Oz says we need 1 gram of this before each meal. Second, Grapeseed Oil slow down the digestive process and keeps food in your stomach longer. This will help fight of that empty feeling later in the day. Oz recommends taking 2 tsp. of grapeseed oil 2 hours before lunch. Third, Griffonia Simplicifolia helps elevate serotonin levels in the brain. Hunger pains can be a sign of low serotonin levels and Oz says we can take 200 mg a day of Griffonia Simplicifolia and see if it helps. He does warn that this supplement can interact with a few other drugs so you should check with your doctor before using this supplement. Finally, we get an old Oz favorite, Pine Nuts. Pine Nuts are high in protein and Oz says a shot glass portion of these in the morning will help get you going and keep the hunger pains away.

The next segment is all about smart snacks that will help control your hunger without loading you up with calories and sugar. Oz says a great way to start the morning is with a Bloody Mary. No,he doesn’t want us to get buzzed but says his drink will get you going. You mix 1 cup of Tomato Juice and 2 stalks of Celery. Then add Hot Sauce and Horseradish to suit your taste. these ingredients contain a lot of Capsaicin and it has been proven that this substance helps control hunger cravings. If you find yourself getting hungry in the afternoon, Oz says a cup of Expresso and some protein cookies like “Caveman Cookies” are a smart snack that will keep you going and not load you up with calories. Finally, to control hunger after dinner and until the next morning, Oz says to drink a cup of David’s Fennel Tea. He says this tea will relax you so you sleep well too.

Now we get some low calorie alternatives to our favorite high calorie snacks and foods. If you like pizza, you can make Oz’s healthy substitute for a 200 calorie meal. All you need is a Wheat Tortilla, 2 sliced Portobella Mushrooms, 1 Eggplant cut in half, ⅓ cup canned Tomatoes, 2 tablespoons Mozzarella Cheese, ½ teaspoon chopped Garlic, and 1 cup steamed Spinach. Just bake the eggplant and mushrooms until they are soft and then mix the tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and mushrooms in a bowl. Place a slice of eggplant on your toasted tortilla, add the mixture above, and top with cheese. Bake until the cheese is melted and you have a great 200 calorie pizza. Next, we get a Banana Strawberry Parfait that is also less than 200 calories. You need 3 slices of Angel Food Cake, 16 ounces of Strawberry Greek Yogurt, 1 ½ Bananas, and ⅓ cup Orange Juice. Mix the sliced bananas and orange juice in a bowl. Take one piece of cake and layer on 1/3 of the banana mixture, add another piece of cake and then spread on the greek yogurt, add the third layer of cake and top with the rest of the bananas and yogurt. Slice this into four sections and each one is only 190 calories. This will satisfy any sweet tooth cravings you have and keep you from blowing your diet.

The last part of the show revealed the top ten finalists in the transformation nation challenge. The finalist are: Shelly Ortega and she has lost 45 pounds, Karl Nielson and he’s lost 88 pounds, Stephanie Lewis-Vance lost 48 pounds, Mercedes Moebuis has lost 36 pounds, Michael Lamb lost 28 pounds, Sheila Haines lost 30 pounds, Sharona Sankar-King lost 25 pounds, Mary Ellen Brunaugh lost 21 pounds, Jen McElroy lost 46 pounds, Dawn Villaneuva lost 43 pounds. You can go to Dr. Oz’s web site and see before and after pictures of all the contestants and vote for the winner.

That is the show for today. Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz.

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