The Game is Afoot

“Survivor” Preview (5/9/12): It’s a Puzzling Time as the Game Gets Down to the Final Flame!

“Survivor One World” is getting down to the final flame and everyone is about to pull every stunt in the book in an attempt to remain in the competition at this point including being nuttier than usual. Tarzan, who is the last man standing, sports a woman’s tank top and places a thong on his head in a game that has been pretty strange since the beginning. Tonight, it gets even more puzzling!

Looking back who would have EVER thought that the gangling group of women who started this season would be the one’s in the driver’s seat at the end, but in reality, are they? Isn’t it mainly men who are sitting on the jury panel at the moment? It is certain everyone out there in television land wonders how differently this game would have turned out if Colton had not been struck by appendicitis! One thing is certain; whoever starts the game together is usually the ones who ride it to the end together and this season is a clear example of that. Even though the teams were “rearranged” to include a mixture of men and women in “new” Manano and Salani tribes, it was the original cast members of the all women who decidedly stuck together against the men. Could it have been the way the men treated the women in the beginning…acting as all mighty and all superior?

It was after Colton’s surprise exit that things for the men started to fall apart and Kim stepped in to the driver’s seat in a near equivalent capacity. She has been responsible for some interesting blindsides from Troyzan and Leif to last week’s tearful exit of Kat who will hopefully come to realize what a pawn she has been throughout the entire season. So who is up for elimination tonight? That remains to be seen after last week’s events. Tarzan makes an appeal to some of the “misfits” about it being a better deal to take him to the end (who does he think he’s kidding?) while someone among the women’s alliance is about to make a bold move in the name of salvation…does it work to their advantage? Find out this evening when “Survivor One World” takes to the air on CBS beginning at 8/7c – the game is afoot (or two)!

Will Tarzan be a "Survivor" tonight?

  • Yes - He will successfully pull off the "crazy like a fox" routine! (67%, 12 Votes)
  • No - The women are bent on making sure no man is left standing! (33%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 18

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