“Survivor One World” Recap (5/9/12): What Was A Man’s World Now Belongs To Kim!

Tonight on “Survivor One World” there is no real surprises although it keeps you thinking someone might actually come to their senses and see Kim for the hypocrite she is…but no such luck as they all allow her to lead them blindly to their death! As the show starts, the Tikiano Tribe features Tarzan trying to bring common sense to the women who can only think like women…get the men out since they are lying slobs and no woman would ever be a backstabber. Kat learned the hard way that line of thinking will get you eliminated!

Christina runs right to Kim with details about the talk with Chelsea who in turn goes to Chelsea to let her know that Christina is not trustworthy, so Christina is in for a rude awakening. The reward challenge is to turn three discs off spindles and place them together to create a decoder in order to discover three numbers which will unlock the flag. The first to raise their flag wins a night on a luxury yacht with two friends. Who won? Chelsea and she takes her final three with her which is Sabrina and Kim. This causes Christina some displeasure but not enough to stick with the alliance made earlier with Alicia and Tarzan to definitely vote out Chelsea at tribal council.

On the yacht, Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina shower, wine, and dine as they talk about how pitiful the remaining three at camp are as they shore up the alliance they have but is Kim really interested in either one of them? Does it really matter at this point who goes with her to the final three? Well, yeah because if it is Chelsea, she will surely win over Kim and if it is Sabrina, she will most likely beat her out as well since she has done nothing to upset anyone this season.

Back at the camp, things are still being confirmed that if Kim comes back not wanting to vote out Chelsea, they will know she is in a confirmed alliance with her which is exactly what happens but Kim manages to get inside Alicia’s head and convinces her that Tarzan is out to get her. Alicia is so delusional that she actually thinks she maintains all the power and will make it to the end. Well she had her chance tonight and she definitely blew it at tribal council.

The immunity challenge was to build the fish skeleton puzzle which is completed by Alicia giving her immunity and power she does not even realize. Alicia talks to Tarzan and convinces him that it is still on to take out Chelsea which is a lie as she is planning to eliminate Tarzan. At tribal council, there is bashing of Tarzan by Sabrina and then Chelsea which should have raised a red flag to Alicia but she remains oblivious to what is really going on around her as they are keeping her suspicious of Tarzan and thinking she is running the show when it is really Kim’s game! The votes come in and it is Tarzan who’s flame is extinguished as Michael flips him off and the girls roll their eyes…not necessary! This has been the rudest season of players with the dumbest game play EVER! Regardless of who wins, they do not deserve it and it definitely looks as though it will be Kim but if you want confirmation, tune in Sunday night for the finale!

Image courtesy of “Survivor One World”

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