Dr. Oz Reveals The Number 1 Surgery You Don’t Need Today 5/10/2012

Dr. Oz is taking on unnecessary surgical procedures today and pointing out which operations are not necessary most of the time. Did you know that thousands of women have bladder surgery each year for incontinence and that some studies have show over 60% of these are unnecessary? Many studies point to coronary bypasses and angioplasty as having no benefit and some even say these procedures can actually be harmful. Today, Dr. Oz will go through a host of surgical procedures and try to separate fact from fiction. Surgery of any kind has a certain risk level. Knowing all the facts and alternatives will help you make a more informed decision before you decide to go under the knife.

The second part of today’s show is all about what is going on “down there” as Oz puts it. Our private areas are a sensitive subject that many of us don’t like to talk about. This can be a deadly mistake as keeping quiet when we have a problem “down there” can be deadly. Do you know what different colors of blood in your poop mean? Oz has said before that bright red means the blood is from hemorrhoids, and the darker the blood is means it is coming from higher up in your colon. Dark red blood in your stool means you need to get to a doctor because it could mean you have a serious problem. Oz has pointed out before that dark red blood could be coming from your pancreas and pancreatic cancer is deadly.

Women will be coming to the show today to discuss their most embarrassing medical problems in their private areas. The Doctor will be going in depth about a range of topics from yeast infections to smelly and itchy subjects. Oz will also be talking about the everyday things we do “down there” that may be harmful and dangerous to our health. Check your local listings for the time Oz airs in your area. If you miss the show, check back here on CMR for our full recap at 5pm eastern time.
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz

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