Undercover Boss 5/11: MasTec CEO Jose Mas Goes Into The Fray!

The season finale of Undercover Boss is tonight and the final episode has Jose Mas of MasTec getting down and dirty with his workers. The official press release from MasTec had a statement from Mas that read: “It was truly an incredible and humbling experience for me to be part of what our outstanding employees do every single day. As I worked with each of them, it was amazing to witness their skill and dedication in everything they do. Our employees’ passion and commitment are definitely the driving forces behind our company.” So what made Jose make such a humble statement?

Now this sounds like tonight’s show will not have any great “embarrassing moments” but we can’t tell from that statement. Did Jose get hazed or made fun of? Could he keep up with his employees or did he fall behind like so many Bosses did this season? Lots of CEO’s were either outed or actually revealed their cover this season. The disguises were getting sub par on a lot of episodes. Will that trend continue tonight? The show starts at 8pm eastern time on CBS. Tune in to find out.

We have seen a lot of flirtations and other funny moments this season. Tonight should be no different. MasTec is a major infrastructure provider for the oil, gas and electrical industry. These are tough jobs building pipelines and it can be very dangerous work. You don’t get second chances if an oil spill is caused by faulty construction and the environmental damage can take years to clean up. Quality has to be job one and MasTec has an exceptional record in safety and quality. If you miss tonight’s show, check back here on CMR for our live recap of all the latest action as it happens.

Photo courtesy of: CBS Press release quote from MasTec.com.

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