“Sister Wives” Season 3 Premiere: Marriage Bonds Fall Apart and Surrogacy is Considered

Tonight on the season 3 season premiere of “Sister Wives” marriage bonds fall apart and surrogacy is considered as Robyn suggests to Meri she have another baby with Kody and Christine is having an emotional meltdown over the lack of attention from Kody as the families struggle to survive in the new environment which has them living separate lives. Will they make it? Amidst all of this, there might be lingering in the shadows the possibility of a fifth wife…talk about a comedy of errors!

The show starts with the birth of Solomon which was last fall and immediately afterwards, Robyn offers to be a surrogate for Meri who still is thinking about having more children with Kody but has been unable; Robyn knows the turmoil this recent birth has brought emotionally to Meri which is why the offer. Will she take her up on it remains to be seen. The foursome look at properties as this year is one where they have the goal to be in the same area with houses together and the option they all gravitate towards is the cul-de-sac which is big enough for all of them to have individual houses…kind of like on “Big Love.” It seems that Christine is being a little more witchy than usual.

It is Christmas time with the Brown clan and although Christine usually has the family celebrate Joseph Smith’s birthday on December 23, it has been voted down by Kody recently as looking like a worship of the polygamist so this year Christine decides they will celebrate the meaning of Hanukkah, the festival of lights. She has dinner and each is to tell about the light inside of them and then pass around a candle to light everyone’s light from a single source as with the Heavenly Father.

Kody rented a ten bedroom house so everyone can be together at Christmas but it is not like last year when they could play in the snow sledding and snowmobiling as it is Las Vegas where there will be no snow this year. The kids seem undaunted as they begin decorating the tree they chopped down together even though it lost half it’s limbs in transit. There was a little bit of a situation there when Gabriel and Garrison, two of Janelle and Kody’s son, got into a sibling battle which caused a bloody nose. This family seems a lot more volatile than they did last season with the constant fighting among the kids and relationships being tested as Christine and Kody are seeing a marriage counselor for their problems which has to do with Christine thinking there is not enough time for her. Even when the adults are together, she seems edgy.

There is shopping taking place as Kody takes some of the girls while explaining the philosophy the family has about keeping the dollar amount the same for each member of the family. The kids draw names for who they will give a present to and in a family this size, it is easy to see why. What was really annoying is the fact Kody drives up in a brand new two-seater car while the women are relegated to mini vans and SUV’s; even Meri who only has a daughter! Talk about male chauvinism!

At the Christmas vacation rental, the kids plan a Nativity play but it is not going so well  as Logan faces possibly his last Christmas at home since he will be graduating in the spring and going to college. The Nativity play goes off without a hitch as Solomon plays baby Jesus and the kids exchange gifts Christmas morning. Kody gives his gifts to his wives which includes an electronic tablet for Janelle, a ruby and diamond necklace for Meri, a long desired guitar for Robyn, and the ring Christine wished for although he is not completely out of the dog house as far as the relationship goes but we will learn later in the season that much of her issues stem around her jealousy of Robyn. Robyn gives each sister wife a necklace in the jewelry design she created for the business they talked about called “Sister Wives Closet.”

The sister wives have pitched in together to buy Kody a P90 gun with a hollow sight; something he has wanted for a long time and Kody tells the kids there is a cul-de-sac they are looking at buying four homes in and everyone loads up vehicles and heads off to see them. There is kids fly kites shaped like snowflakes on Christmas afternoon as the all pray and wish for this dream to come true…this block being one where they can all live together as one family once more.

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