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‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere: A Collection of the Gorgeous, the Geeks, and the Downright Weird!

“The Bachelorette” opens with Emily and her daughter, Ricki, sharing time together near a lake. There is a short introduction of Emily Maynard and her life to this point which includes the death of her first fiance, NASCAR driver Ricky Hendricks, in a plane crash and the crash and burn relationship she had with Brad Womack following “The Bachelor.” A year after that breakup, she is ready to go forth into the world of twenty-five men and look for Prince Charming who will fulfill her dream of being a wife as well as a mother but the guy must be able to be a father figure to her daughter. Tall order? Maybe not!

Chris Harrison per-introduces some of the bachelors who will appear tonight with one having a 5-year-old son named Taylor who actually winds up making a grand entrance from limo #3 with a glass slipper claiming to be Prince Charming looking for his Snow White and the shoe fits, so will this be the one? Maybe…maybe not! Arie is another contender as he is a race car driver but he fears his professional will bring up painful memories for Emily; it may, however, work to his advantage.

Chris Talks with Emily at the bachelorette mansion which is in Charlotte, North Carolina so she can be close to her daughter and she plans on going home every night to play the normal mother role while courting these men through the season. There are a lot of firsts this season with this being the first time “The Bachelorette” will be held in the hometown of the woman and the first single mother to look for a mate. Wonder how it will work when they start traveling to other countries? She is a basket case for the men even start to arrive…not looking too good at this point, but here we go!

The first limousine reveals Sean (28), David (33), Doug (33) who makes sure she knows he has a son who is 11-years-old, Jackson (29) who gets down on one knee stating it is a breath-taking moment (UGH!), and Joe (27) who enters in one of the quirkiest manners! The next limo introduces Arie (30) race car driver, Kyle (29), Chris (25), Aaron (36) who teaches biology and ten years her senior but he is NOT the oldest, and Alessandro (30) who is from Brazil. The third car brings to the party Jef (27) a skateboarding CEO who enters attached to the rear of the limo, Lerone (29), Stevie (26) who comes in dancing with a boombox (GEEK), Charlie (32), and Tony (31) who presents the glass slipper for effect.

Inside the men have already started feeling out one another as the testosterone starts to fill the room and feathers are beginning to get ruffled but none will make a more grand entrance than Kalon (27) who enters last via helicopter placing a HUGE target on his back as everyone thinks it is over-the-top and something Brad Womack or Bentley would have done!

The fourth limo features some guy named Randy (30) dressed as a grandmother trying to make a statement at the beginning not being original from last season of “The Bachelor” when one of the girls actually brought her grandmother (WEIRD), Nate (25), Brent (41) who is almost old enough to be her daddy, John “wolf” (30), and Travis (30) who brings a HUGE ostrich egg with him and makes some stupid comment about taking care of it through this journey as he will take care of Emily and her daughter (Seriously!).

From the final limousine disembarks Michael (26) who is a rehab counselor with long hair, Jean-Paul (35), Alejandro (34) from Columbia, and Ryan who holds a handwritten sign which says “You are so beautiful” on one side and “I’m so nervous” on the other. It is now time for the bachelorette to get in to the tick of things and actually start learning about some of the men. Who will she keep and which six of this 25 will be sent packing tonight? Who will get the first impression rose since many tried desperately on the entrance to make the memorable moment?

Emily enters the house to meet the men with one of the first being Brent who states he has six children and shows her pictures…oops, he is out of the game! Chris appears to be another Bentley – self-absorbed and egotistical – but gives her a cool gift of bobbleheads which look like himself and her! Jef made an impression on his skateboard but even more so with his cool demeanor. Doug wins Emily’s heart at the get go with a letter from his 11-year-old son, Austin, and places his dad in the running as he is the recipient of the first impression rose, but first impressions can be wrong. Time will tell if he is all he wants everyone to think he is!

Kalon is already getting flack about his helicopter entrance and is a little on the jerky side when Sean asks to talk to Emily and he nearly blows him off until Emily steps in…bad move, dude! The bantering starts in the clubhouse with Michael leading the charge. The first rose ceremony will find a total of nineteen men staying and six exiting tonight. Who make the first round cut?

These are the men who will be returning next week~

  • Doug (First Impression Rose recipient)
  • Chris
  • Ryan
  • Kalon (“Mr. Helicopter”)
  • Arie
  • Charlie
  • Jef
  • Nate
  • Sean
  • Joe
  • Kyle
  • Aaron
  • Alejandro
  • John “Wolf”
  • Alessandro
  • Michael
  • Stevie (“Mr. DJ”)
  • Tony

and last but definitely not least,Travis and his egg! According to the highlights of this season, it looks like Ricki will be traveling with her mother and group outings will be aligned with finding out how the guys handle children since a part of this adventure if to find someone to play daddy to Ricki. There looks to be some nonsense going on and Jef may wind up being too nice for his own good but Emily is not a pushover, so this season might actually be interesting! Let CMR know what you think of Emily and this season by voting in the premiere preview poll here.

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