Paula Abdul Tells Dr. Oz About Her Secret Battle With Disease 5/22/2012

Dr. Oz has Paula Abdul on the show today and the teasers show she will be revealing a shocking health problem she has been battling for years. Oz gets up close and personal as he asks her if she is on drugs and how she can explain some of her past erratic behavior. Rumors have it that Paula has been in pain for many years with a disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome or RSDS. She will also be giving out her secrets for looking so great and staying fit. Is she taking a natural approach to beauty like Oz always promotes? Find out all the answers today. Oz will also be talking about “at home” solutions to keep the plastic surgeon away and you looking good.

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So what is RSDS? RSDS is also called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and it is neurological disorder where victims experience tissue swelling, severe burning pain, heavy sweating, extreme touch sensitivity, and pathological changes to your bones and skin. RSDS/CRPS is when nerve damage occurs and doesn’t heal like it should. Can you imagine the pain you feel when you have a pinched nerve in your neck? Now imagine that this pain stays for years and nver seems to heal and you can get a general idea of what people with this disease suffer through daily.

Diagnosis to this disease is hard to make because there is no test that can be done specifically to check for it. It requires the doctor and patient continually evaluate symptoms and document the progression over time. If you don’t have a regular doctor who has treated you for a long time, you could go undiagnosed for years before finding out you have RSDS.

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Other guests on the show today include: Dr. Anthony Youn, Jeffrey Saad, Barry Michels, and Phil Stutz. Make sure to look in your local TV Guide for the time on your area. If you miss the show, check back here on CMR for our complete recap of all the latest Dr. Oz news at 5pm.
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  1. sheri murrray says

    I am barely getting along anymore. I have CRPS/ RSD and HAD a great Dr., no more. He married and moved away now I am back at a pain managemnt that is all about the business not the patients. I have lost so much function and quality of life. I do not know where to turn. PAPERWORK FAILS TO BE TURNED IN , APPOINTMENTS FAIL TO GET ENTERED INTO THE COMPUTER. PRESCRIPTIONS DONT GET CALLED INT O THE PHARMACIST. And this is supposed to be the Dr office that is my pain management? My hopelessness has increased dramatically. Where and who can I get to help and advocate for me? Please I am losing this battle to survive with this disease and I am the sole parent of 5 children, one with Aspergers Syndrome. Things have deteriorated significantly and i am pleading for help anywhere I can possible get it. Please. Thanks you for any thing that might assist me.

  2. Marcia Lee says

    I have two daughters who acquired this disease when they were 10 years old. My oldest is now 23, she’s a nurse and she’s talked herself out of the pain, every day she just tells herself that she can get through the day without pain, every day! My other daughter will be 18 and the RSDS is still manifesting in different parts of her body all the time, she wants to be a cosmetologist but the RSDS keeps going to her arm and she can’t finish beauty school with it like that, she also has some mental issues that are being taken care of by a machine invented by Dr. Donald A. Rhodes in Corpus Christi TX, and I’m so glad that I found him in 2000, he has been the only doctor that has been able to help both of my girls and has compassion for what pain they are having to deal with. Paula Abdul would be a great spokesman, however everyone with RSDS feels and deals with pain differently. I haven’t been diagnosed with RSDS but I’ve got other issues and I don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning and putting on a happy face to get through the day, let alone put makeup on and move like she does. This is an awful disease, physically, mentally and financially, not just for the affected person, but also those close to them. No one knows how to talk to someone who says they are in such pain but look absoultely normal, to them. Too many people judge by what they can see.

  3. Liz Lindsay says

    I have had RSD/CRPS for going on 9 years. Thank you for speaking about this condition. I, fortunately have come to terms with my condition, but it was hard going for a long time. I completely dislocated my leg. As a result of the injury & possibly from when the emergency room Dr. tried to reset my ankle (even though he said to me he didn’t really know a lot about resets & didn’t feel comfortable doing it) caused the RSD. You name the procedure & I have been through it. Medications I have been on & off & on again, even patches (like sticking gooey tape to my ankle). Finally I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted & that seemed to be the best thing I ever did, however it has lost it’s charge & I now need to burn that bridge. I have also had numerous surgeries on my left ankle, including hardware removal & ankle fusion. Reading some of the previous comments, please don’t let anyone, especially Dr’s tell you it’s all in your head, it’s not. I stood my ground with the last Orthopedic surgeon & finally asked him “how do you know what’s in my head?” He changed his attitude really quick. Also RSD/CRPS can in fact spread. I am proof of it & I am also proof that it can be controlled. I was put on Lyrica, which at 1st I thought “no not another med”, but once my pain Dr. & I got the dosage down it halted the spread to my right leg. It was also good that I was on it since about 4 years ago I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. So I know pain. I have also found that weather affects both of these conditions. Wet climates added to my pain, so I moved from southern California beach area to dry Arizona.
    Most important thing I can tell fellow sufferers, be strong. You DO have a real illness, it is not in your head, remember Dr’s are not god’s, they are human. See a pain Dr. if you don’t already, they are your best allies & look for RSD/CRPS forums or chats. It does wonders to talk to people like me who know what you are going through. Peace to you all.

  4. Teresa Marshall says

    Yes, thank you for bringing awareness to this bc I now know 90% for sure that this is whats wrong with me. I’ve been seeing chiro’s, docs, had laser surgery, and epidural’s since 2009. Im a 37 yr old female that had to resign from my property management position in 5/2010. After my short term disability was up and have being pushed from neuro to neuro I finally had to resign from my VERY well paying position.I was always an independent woman;0) so this was so devasting to me, I felt as though I had let my team and myself down :( In october of 2010 I traveled to Tampa Fl to the Laser Spine Institute where they performed laser surgery to the cervical part of my spine. I am having right hand stabbing in palm with weakness, and dull radiating pain into my right shoulder blade, stabbing in between my shoulder blades, and burning up the back of my neck with severe neck weakness. symt NEVER LEAVE, NEVER!! I am struggling since 09 to get my disability. I go to the physc for the state and they feel I am “malingering”. YES!!! Now I do have c2-t1 bulged onto the pheriphal nervers, bone spurs, nerve damage wth ddd and arthritis. I have worked since I was 15 very outgoing, independent person who enjoyed my life and work. Now, I get by. The pain NEVER leaves my body. I dont want to go anywhere, I cant camp, ski, workout, cook, shop, antiques and crafts. My new husband we have been married since 08′ I got divorced in 05 and my husband and I have really been thru some rough patches here, Thank god for him bc he is an angel. The more activity my arms and hands get the worse it gets. Stress lately has rlly been making it bad. I am on several medications just to get through the day. Its just humiliating to be pushed around like this when you have always worked and been or tried to be an upstanding person, then when you need the system “what system” I have never been in trouble, had any addictions, ect., so YES this needs to be focused on and placed with the social security administration, and talked about more to find a cure!! Thanks dr oz and paula abdul! I admire your spunk bc I still try to be (the old me) for everyone bc I know that makes them feel good, so I continue with pain inside and a smile on my face! still make sure im looking ok too even if it does take me all day!!! Good luck all and may god bless each and everyone bc someone said a living hell and they clndt of said it better.

    Take Care and my prayers are with you all,

    Teresa Patrick-Marshall

  5. April Boyd says

    RSD is a life changing condition there is no cure you don’t get better. Ive live with this condition for 5 years it has changed my life for the worse everyday, everyday is pain most people can’t relate they want to say they know what it’s like cause they have arthritis, fibromyalgia or back pain, but they can’t compare and they will never know. The hardest part is that I am a single mother and I can’t lay in bed or take all the medication that is prescribed to me. I was at one time the fun mom now I’m the mean mom.!!! Please let the world know about this condition It is worse than the pain from a gunshot, cancer or fibromyalgia on the American Medical Association pain medical pain scale RSD is at the top any thing higher is Death. This is what RSD is!!!

  6. JYoung says

    Thank you for making the public aware of RSD. I have suffered for 3 years. Had many nerve blocks and many nerve burnings. I have a stimulator in place. It keeps moving around. So Ive had another surgery to retuck the battery. I am on many medications, which make me slur, forget and end relationships eith fanily members. They don’t understand what this can do to you. I called them and ask them to watch the show then they would really understand. I am on more than 30 different medications a day- I have learned now this is ruining my liver and kidneys. I have gone through a serious depression and am now seeking therapy. Which all they can do is give me more pills. My blood pressure goes up tp 217/105 or higher I am rushed to the hospital to get my blood pressure under control. I am constantly putting on ice, I was diagnosed with RSD in the ankle, I now have it going up my leg< but the doctors I have been seeing say it does'nt spread. No one can understand me in my household when speaking due to me slurring. Losing my balance and falling. This illness has made me and my brothers and sisters separate. They just cant relate to what I am saying. I have the stimulator replaced because it keeps slipping out of the pocket.
    Thanks to you and Paula Abdul for enlightening the public to this disorder. AT THE AGE OF 46 my quality of life is very low. I just stay in my bedroom and go to doctor appointments. I try to go to family functions but I slur and stumble I might not say the right thing, and I notice family really do not want to be around because they call me a pill popper and many other names. Invitations to family functions no longer come.
    THANKS TO YOU AND PAULA ABDUL FOR EDUCATING THE PUBLIC, and helping me realize I am not crazy and the only one out here with RSD.

  7. Amy Logue says

    I have had almost constant pain for 3 mos in my lower back area since 1 month after a bad fall on cement. My dr finally ordered an MRI but he called me today and said good news, nothing is wrong, just normal signs of aging. Well, now I am devastated because I still have to live with this pain and not be given anything that works for it.. could this possibly be my problem I don’t have discoloration on the skin i don’t think, but I am in constant pain it is burning paroxismal at times stabbing at times.

  8. Kelly Spataro says

    I have been waiting for someone to expose rsd on. Tv. Paula was a good choice. We are sparse and it’s hard to find another person with it. You can’t understand how alone one feels with this. I am 9 years into it. I’m scared to death to have it come back like that. It affected my brain and arms. The doctor called it causalgia or rsd. He said my arm basically had a heart attack and had no oxygen. I thought I was having a stroke. My arm still does not show anything when they are taking vitals. It took me 8 years to find another person with it on Cincinnati. Most people with it don’t want to go to support groups. It’s hard to commit. It’s so thrilling to find someone. We celebrated. We went out to eat and took a long walk. We both had rsd in the arm and hand. She can’t drive so I went to get her. We had so much in common. It’s like going to hell and back. You burn to your core. Like the pain when you put your hand in the oven and touch it. But it’s your whole arm. I went to 7 doctors in Cincinnati. Nobody could tell me or had the consideration. I had to go to Chicago to loyola. So thanks so much for letting us onto your show through Paula Abdul.

  9. Tiffany says

    My name Is TIffany I am 23 and for the past 10 years I have been
    fIghtIng a battle of chronIc paIn called rsd/crps. Complex RegIonal
    PaIn Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex SympathetIc Dystrophy, Is a
    chronIc neurologIcal syndrome. Many people have no Idea what that Is my
    goal Is to change that by brIngIng awareness to the hell that many of
    my rsd frIends and I have and lIve each day. People judge me all the
    tIme and say how can someone so young have rsd, rsd doesn’t care how
    old or young you are, male or female , rIch or poor It Is a very lIfe
    changIng dIsorder. If you dont no what It Is look It up because to a
    person who has rsd/crps the most hurtful thIng you can say Is I dont
    belIeve your In paIn Its In your head!! Please people who are readIng
    thIs stop judgIng people before you even talk to them.
            ThIs Is a rare dIsorder I developed after surgery at the age of
    13 or 14 years old. I had numerous surgerIes on my leg whIch led to me
    gettIng thIs chronIc paIn dIsorder called RSD/CRPS there Is no cure. I
    also have rsd/crps In my rIght arm from flIppIng and rollIng my moms
    jeep In 2006 thank god I only broke my wrIst and everyone was fIne but
    the rsd spread to my arm than In 08 I re broke my wrIst stoppIng an
    elevator from crushIng my frIend and I got a bad sunburn. I have paIn
    everyday every mInute every second all the tImes. I take paIn kIllers
    and no I dont just take medIcIne to get hIgh I actually need my
    medIcIne . I was beIng treated wIth medIcIne and spInal blocks but than
    from all the surgerIes and the drs and nurses not beIng able to fInd my
    veIns I developed rsd In my left arm to (they trIed to get a veIn on my
    foot but no luck so Im prayIng that my only good part of my body wIll
    not get rsd when people fIrst meet me they thInk I’m a normal 23 year
    old but when I say I have chronIc paIn called rsd/crps you wIll not
    belIeve the thIngs people say. 
    They call me a lIar, say but you look so healthy or your young or well
    you don’t look lIke you have paIn ( what does that look lIke so I can
    gIve them my paIn face) or why are you up at 3am and sleep
    untIl 12pm why can’t you work or drIve, why are you so lazy and I can
    go on and on. Every day I struggle just to do normal thIngs that
    everyone takes for grated lIke get out of bed, walk up or down staIrs,
    walkIng sometImes I cant do I have to use crutches, hangIng out wIth
    frIends. I can not work sInce I don’t sleep I don’t have a lot of
    energy and I can’t drIve due to all the medIcIne I’m on Its Illegal and
    I had a very bad car accIdent In 2006.
             I had a fundraIser In November 2011 because November Is
    rsd/crps awareness month and unless you suffer from It or have a famIly
    member or frIend who suffers from It you mentIon the word rsd/crps and
    the response Is always rdscps what what dId you say you have. Than I
    start to explaIn It and people say you dont seem to be In paIn.If
    someone sees me takIng medIcIne they assume I’m a drug addIct or I take
    the medIcIne to get hIgh. At my fundraIser someone actually told me to
    kIll myself and end my paIn  I responded wIth are you stoned or drunk I
    have frIends and famIly that love and care about me she saId yeah but
    grIef Is an emotIon they would probably be happy that your gone so you
    dont have to be a bother anymore. I have been suIcIdal before I can go
    on and on wIth the negatIve hurtful comments. I’m on fentanyl ,
    morphIne, klopIne, soma, and sleepIng pIlls and I stIll have terrIble
    paIn. My dr wants to put a spInal cord stImulator In my back and do a
    ketamIne coma to try to restart how my braIn thInks of paIn. 
              Rsd changed my lIfe I wanted to be a ForensIc nurse but the
    paIn Is so bad I can’t focus In school, and sInce I have chronIc paIn
    the lack of sleep doesn’t help. I also have a poor memory, my legs
    change color and temperature and the pressure of my pants makes me cry
    so I have to wear shorts all the tIme and get weIrd looks because of
    how my leg looks. I have no self esteem left It kIlls my frIends and
    famIly and drs that I thInk of myself as worthless. There are many
    suffers and I try to brIng awareness but I can’t spread awareness by
    myself. I bake and cook In attempt to take my mInd off of paIn and I
    wanna start a bakIng lIne bakIng for a cure and  donate money to fInd a
    cure not only for rsd, but for cancer socIety, bake for hope, cookIes
    for kIds wIth cancer, rare dIsorder just to name a few. I cant work so
    money Is a problem and I can’t drIve because of the accIdent and It’s
    Illegal due to my medIcIne.
           Im very outgoIng even In paIn and frIendly and have a bIg heart
    but If someone abuses my kIndest I can be theIr worse nIghtmare.
          Don’t judge a book by Its cover well same goes for me and
    everyone don’t look at people and say I look healthy than when I
    explaIn I have chronIc paIn don’t tell me It’s all In my head bc I
    don’t look lIke I have paIn what does paIn look lIke??
    What I wake up to everyday body changes colors It’s spotty sometImes
    It’s hot other tImes It’s cold the pressure of pants and blankets Is so
    paInful I wanna cry. ImagIne havIng to sleep wIth your legs elevated
    above your heart and all nIght you wake up bc the blanket caused you so
    much paIn. ImagIne your body feelIng lIke Its on fIre and so havIng
    your hands and feet burnIng ,so swollen, stabbed paIn , tInglIng so bad
    you can’t go on the computer or text someone bc thats how Intense the
    paIn Is. I don’t have to ImagIne that’s my lIfe for over 10 years not
    please google and look up rsd/crps and educate yourself.
          My goal Is to brIng awareness and help people wIth Issues lIke
    me. In order to do that I need help In spreadIng the word. I’m not
    askIng for anythIng except educatIon to people so they don’t cause us
    more paIn. NegatIve comments hurt I just not to lIsten but when have
    your famIly does belIeve you and people even drs don’t belIeve you It’s
    hard. Well thIs Is my lIfe I’m sure I left out a lot.

    Sent from my iPad

  10. Therese says

    My name is Therese Mack. I’ve had RSD for 17 years. The only things that have gotten me through this horrible disease are: my Catholic Faith; my wonderfully supportive and loving Husband; and the kindest and most loving Doctor that God ever created. I could have told you before I even knew about this show that it would be a mockery of all of us with RSD. I’m not saying that Paula Abduhl doesn’t have RSD, but I am saying that she’s on a mission about “Paula” and has no desire whatsoever to help those of us with RSD. The pain of this disease is so horrific that I once saw it described as being the same kind of pain as those tortured and beaten by Sadaam Hussein because the disease is SO painful and there is absolutely NO relief, it never stops or goes into remission. It’s ALWAYS there. Only those with whole body RSD (as opposed to those who have RSD of an arm, leg, or other individual body part) could describe the DAILY horror of this disease. We are the only ones who can describe what it’s like to deal with this and deal with the way that it gets worse, literally, by the day. When it first started I could work, then I could only work part time, now I don’t have the energy to work at all. I sleep at least 14 hours a day. If Dr Oz or any caring individual TRULY wants to help those of us with this disease, try: interviewing those of us with the disease or their caretakers who know what it’s TRULY like living with this disease; interview Drs who are trying to research the disease but don’t have the money because, well frankly nobody thinks it’s that bad because, look at Paula, she has all of this energy to care about her “beauty” (trust me those of us with RSD don’t have the energy or lack of pain to care about our “beauty” even though it hurts like crazy that we can’t do that for the man we love); and/or use all of this money that you have for TRUE research of the disease. I knew this show would be a mockery to all of us with RSD before the interview even happened, if you SINCERELY want to help those of us with the disease we’d be glad to talk to you, during one of the few hours during the day that we’re awake and on a day that we actually have the energy and lack of pain to take a shower.

  11. THOMAS KANE says


  12. Jodie Small says

    Thank you for bringing this to light. I feel badly that Paula has also been suffering with RSD, like me and so many others. I am one of the lucky ones. I dont have it as bad as so many that I read about on the various boards. I have come a long way and its been a very long journey. No wonder I am so depressed!
    I broke my ankle in Jan 2011 – shortly after my foot turned purple. The pain was worse than anything I had ever known before. It feels like my foot/ankle and now calve is on fire 24/7. I was unable to get out of bed (except for short trips to rest room) for over 3 months. Using a walker at that time then moving onto crutches and finally a cane in July. I gave up my cane the week of December. After several Dr’s and now 7 Sympathetic Nerve Blocks – I can walk. Although I live with pain every single day, I am thankful that it is at least tolerable. No one knows what this is when asked whats wrong and how can it take over a year to recover from a broken ankle. You have no idea what its like when the medical community doesnt even know about it! People just nod their head but they dont get it. I am glad they dont know the torment that we all go through day in and day out. I learned that there is over 14 different names for RSD – no wonder we cant get a cure. Please Please Please spread the word for us. We need help. Most people cant even imagine what it is like to wake up with pain so great you fight tears just trying to do the every day functions like anyone else. We need a miracle and we need it now.
    Thank you Dr Oz! Any help is appreciated!!

  13. K. J. Schaus says

    Missed the show ! Have to try to find it on demand or rerun. I have had RSDS or CRPS since 2009. I would not wish it on anyone. Dr’s do not want anything to do with you because there is no cure and they do not understand it. I have it in my right foot, leg caused by a L5-S1 disc rupture that went into my sciatica nerve for 7 months until I had surgery. The RSDS set in right away I believe because I had the pain right after the disc slipped. Need to use a cane once in awhile at home, I won’t take the cane out of the house anymore. I fall, trip a lot but keep on moving. I get a massage every other week & go to physical therapy once a week since the beginning. Not on meds. anymore bad reactions, now just ibuprofen. Doctors need to get educated on this. This is a bad thing for people. RSDS breaks your bones down and some people need amputation from lack of circulation. Come on let’s get to the core of this problem. I’m starting to get it in my left leg/foot now too. On Facebook there is an RSDS Association you can join to talk with other people. Good Luck everyone ! Thank You Dr. Oz & Paula !

  14. Cheryl Danner says

    I am home from work today due to intense pain. I have degenerative disk disease and have had neck surgery to fuse 3 disks and back surgery to fuse a disk but it took 4 surgeries to get that done. It always feels like I have a sword running from my back thru to my front. I am in constant pain and it never completely goes away tho sometimes it is better than others, I do not know if this is the same as what you all are talking about but if my disks have been “fixed” I should not have pain. I take morphine and muscle relaxers but the pain is still there. I have a burning sensation down the inside of my left leg that is somehow related to all this. Anyone have any answers for me? I am so afraid I will lose my job due to missed work due to this. Dr. Oz, thank you for your program. I am sure you have helped a great number of people.

  15. Joyce Young says

    I want to thank Dr. Oz and Paula Abdul for educating people on RSD. I have been suffering for the past 3 yrs after a injury at work. I am on at least 15 different medications, I have had over 20 nerve blocks and nerve burnings. Then I had a device implanted, which is suppose to help with the pain. No one believes the pain I go through. It has totally destroyed my life. I no longer can run, enjoy a day with family members. They dont understand what I am going through, I basically stay in bed or go to a doctors appt. Doctors have told me that it does’nt travel. My battery keeps moving so I have to have surgery to have it replaced.
    All I can say is THANK YOU- now I know I am not crazy. I am on depression medication and my quality of life is no longer what it used to be. I am 46 yrs old and my life is miserable-some medications make me forget what I have said or have done.

  16. Vickie Thoma says

    I saw that Paula Abdul was going to be on Dr. Oz today and it almost made me mad, knowing that she has said that she has RSD but she does not act like she has it. She goes on with life where most of us have no life. I can’t believe she has this horrid disease, she doesn’t even act as if she has it. Now she said she uses ICE, no way!! Anyone with RSD knows that ice is not our friend. I have had this disease for over 20 years and I have not met one person who could use ice, oh wait, Paula Abdul can!! I think she was probably told back six years ago that she had RSd, it was an excuse for her to take the drugs she was taking and acting silly, she needed an excuse to tell all those reporters asking her why she was “going nuts” but she does not suffer like most of us who really have a bad case of RSD. You don’t “get over” RSD by eating better either, no matter what. OR BY USING HER PRODUCTS!!!!

  17. Micky in Philly says

    At age 21 I thought my Carpal Tunnel surgery would help. WRONG!!!! my pain NEVER went away FROM SURGERY. 5yrs later it still feels like I’ fresh out of surgery. It will be a relief to see a cure or to get approved for SSI. But it’s very difficult when everyone treats you like an idiot.

  18. mary bullard says

    i saw you on DR.OZ and was blowed away, i would love to register her for the lunchen you arw having, she is so iscolted by rds and people do not understand it she is 42 and has a 14 years old son and lives with me. It tokk her 3 years to get a digasonis and then another 3years to get ss# as it was not reconized. she lost her job , along with everything she had it was crzy glad you are talking about it . hope you continue to heal and have great happiness. we live in north carolina

  19. Faith Burgard says

    I was rearended on 01/10/2011. I did everything that the doctors, lawyers and insurance companies wanted with chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management and surgery. On March 6th I had the discs between C-4, 5, and 6 replaced. I now have a plate in my neck. I have the same pain (as Paula Abdul) before and since the surgery and now I cannot swallow on the right side of my throad and both of my arms/hands/fingers go numb. All I did was stop at a stop sign. My lifestyle of working multiple jobs, snow skiing, water skiing, tubing, boating, riding my Harley-Davidson, painting, sewing, crafting, etc… with my family and friends is over. I am afraid to drive in heavy traffic and cannot walk my weiner dog now. I am only 52. Am I expecting too much to get back to where I was before the car accident?

  20. diane perez says

    Dr. Oz, I am so glad that you are addressing this medical condition. I have had it since 1995 and it took 16 Dr.s to finally get the diagnosis. Hopefully this will open the minds of the medical profession and others to know that this is a real condition and I hope that you get to explain that this is a disability and the majority of us that have it cannot get social security disability either because the Dr.s don’t believe in it or the examiners of the claims don’t understand it. I am still going through the system trying to get somebody to listen. Maybe your show will open their eyes and minds. Thank you

  21. Holly says

    I myself have had to live with RSD and I will tell you first hand it wasn’t easy, it was the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome in my life! I was a very young teenager and was walking down my driveway one day and fell and landed on my foot, instantly I knew something was wrong I thought maybe I broke it… I went to many doctors and they all said it wasn’t anything major and ice and wearing a removable cast/soft boot the doctors gave me would help and I should be fine in a few weeks. Well I started to notice my foot would change colors and would feel like it was on fire to me and to the touch it was ice cold (I hadn’t had ice on it for hours and hours). I kept going to different tests such as bone scans, biopsy, MRI, CT scans, X-rays and a lot of blood work along with many other tests and everything would come back “normal”. The doctors did many cortisone shots and it would only make the issue worse. When I had a biopsy it revealed dead muscles, and I was told this in a major concern for someone who was only 15 but the doctors never really knew what was causing it. After the biopsy it seemed to get better until I just hit my foot on an open manhole at the beach, I knew once the pain wasn’t going away that something wasn’t right and it was the same pain I had before but a whole lot worse! I was then put on crutches again and told to do many more tests. One day the doctor came in and told me to see a pain management doctor and maybe they would be able to help me. I went kind of reluctant because I was already told to go to podiatrists, orthopedic doctors, neurologists, and now to a pain management doctor but I went anyways hoping maybe they could give me and answer. The doctor looked at me and said “I know what’s wrong with you” I think I nearly passed out and so did my mom. Those 6 words changed my life forever. He then told me what I had wasn’t very common and there is no true test to show a doctor this is what you have it’s just a matter of a doctor putting ends to ends together and realizing the symptoms are what is known as RSD. He told me that I would probably have a hard time fighting it but it was possible to go into remission from the disease but not be 100% cured for life. After being put on many medicines and doing many nerve blocks and lots of physical therapy it got better. It took a lot of time and a lot of hope but I got through it. though I will have to live my whole life being a little extra careful of what I do I know that I’m pain free today and I hope that everyone suffering from it today will be able to be pain free again too. I have heard of people never being able to go in to “remission” from this disease and people going into remission for many years and then it coming back from something so minor so I am so very thankful that today I’m able to live like a normal 21 year old and not worry about the next DR apt to have a nerve block or the next pill that would make me so sick. Thank you for reading to my story, and I hope this episode of DR Oz brings more attention and awareness to RSD so maybe more doctors can diagnose a patient sooner and not make them go through what I had to go through.

  22. Callie Sloane says

    I already submitted an email requesting Dr. Oz to do a show on RSD. In my email, I addressed how those of us afflicted by RSD are not VICTIMS of it. We are survivors. Then, I click on a link advertising today’s show which was posted by a member of my Facebook Support Group for those living with RSD only to discover the Dr. Oz show views us as victims. I believe using this language serves to defeat those of us afflicted, especially when depression plays such a large part in this illness and all chronic pain disorders. I believe it is rather shameful that your show would use such a pejorative term so irresponsibly. I hope the producers read my other correspondence which addresses the everyday battles people with RSD live with and how relevant of a topic it is to cover for a whole show.

  23. Jennifer Spangler says

    Thnkyou Dr. Ozz and Paula Abdul. I am sorry you have this but I really appreciate you guys: that people,listen too talk about a awful syndrome that nobody understands and people like me have to fight just understanding what they have and not calling them crazy or fakers. GOD BLESS!

  24. robin gilbreath says

    Thanks so much for doing a segment on Rsd…my son is 11 yrs old and has Rsd….we need all the info we can get…trying to get into a pediatric rsd.clinic rehab now….this is one of the hardest things we have went through especilly when its your child

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