Dr. Oz Takes On RSDS, Restaurant Dangers, And “The Tools” 5/22

Dr. Oz starts the show today introducing Paula Abdul and the struggles she has had as her career has progressed. She had 15 surgeries for a neck injury after a plane crash and she says she has turned her life around and learned to deal with her pain. First, Oz asks if she was addicted to drugs. She says no but she had constant pain in her neck and back that was like burning knives being poked into her. Oz shows us what happens when we have RSDS. Normal people have pain and the nerves die down slowly and the pain goes away. With RSDS the nerves become more agitated and send even more pain signal all over the body.

Paula admits to being heavily medicated back in those days when she was acting so goofy. She talks of how Simon was really aloof and she never talked about this condition with him. She got help by going online and finding alternative treatments. This has helped her find a way to deal with her disease. Oz says to take Omega 3’s, stay away from alcohol, stick to a plant based diet, and staying away from sugar is a key to keeping inflammation down. Oz asks about her feelings when she was let go of X Factor and she says it was a great experience but will not talk bad about him.

She says she is happy she is turning 50 soon and she has a routine to actually fix some of the bad things you have done to your body. First, we get a Green Drink and it has kale, spinach, hemp seed, chia seeds, avocado, apple, banana, and coconut water. Mix all of this in a blender, adding stevia to taste, and drink it in the morning. Next, we get a list of supplements. She uses Straight Up Supplements and there is a whole line of them. Oz says his staff researched these and they are really effective.

Now Oz talks about the dangers of plastic surgery. Dr. Anthony Youn starts out by saying that the fat you get sucked out with liposuction returns to another part of the body. To burn fat, he says you need to use Green Coffee Bean extract. Next, brow lifts can be done by waxing or tweezing your eyebrows in one out of three cases. Third, some fillers placed between the eyebrows can cause blindness. He says you can get botox injections or you can use a Retinol cream to reduce your wrinkles. Oz makes the point that you should always check out your doctor before going under the knife and recommends trying these suggestions first.

Now we have Chef Jeffrey Saad to give out the secrets of some bad chefs that could make you think twice about eating out. First, eating out after 8pm increases your risk for food poisoning. You should eat out during regular dinner hours. Next, the menu you are holding can be a field of germs and bacteria. Oz did a study and found all the menus tested covered in fecal matter. Maybe you should take some wipes with you next time you eat out.

Next, Barry Michels and Phil Stutz are on the show to talk about their new book called The Tools. Oz asks them why it is hard to get out of a rut and he says we don’t like change. Phil says the tools will work immediately but you have to follow them from now on to stay out of a rut. We get a demonstration that is called reversal of desire. It is what we need to do when we have to do something uncomfortable. He says we need to scream silently to bring on the pain. Second, he says we need to embrace the pain because it is a key to overcoming it. Finally, we need to learn that the pain has set us free from the problem. Another simple tool is to look at ourselves in the mirror and face our shadow. Our shadow is a reflection of our insecurities. To deal with this we need to face and overcome our shadow and realize it is a part of us. The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence, and Creativity

That is the show for today. Check back tomorrow for another recap of Dr. Oz.

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