The Doctors 5/24: Supplements Exposed! Look Younger And Thinner!

The Doctors show today is talking about supplements, from vitamins to energy boosters and diet pills, and will be evaluating many popular brands. Many of us rely on supplements to make sure we are getting enough vitamins and minerals in our system. Some of us even take them to make it through the day without being too tired or we think some pill will magically erase the fat from our body. Dr. Travis will talk about the benefits and dangers of Nitric Oxide and will let us know if it helps to build muscle faster.

Dr. Katja Van Herle will talk about fatigue and give tips on how we can make it through the day with more energy. Dr. Adickes will be on the show to show us a modern technique for knee surgery and what we need to do when we have a joint problem. He says we need to stay active or the pain will just keep getting worse.

A potentially dangerous new diet fad is hitting the mainstream. People are using “intermittent fasting” to lose weight. One guest says they have lost over 70 pounds with this technique. Can you really fast your way to a slimmer body? Dr. Travis has said many times that the key to sustained weight loss is making lifestyle changes in the way we exercise and eat. he will be discussing this new diet trend and giving us all the facts and dangers fasting for weight loss could bring us.

Dr. Bill Dorfman will also be on today’s show to tell us the latest news in reconstructive dentistry. He specializes in the new dental implants that make those sloppy and loose dentures a thing of the past.

Check your local listings for the time in your area. If you can’t watch the show, please check back here on CMR for a full recap of all the latest news on the Doctors.

Photo courtesy of: The Doctors

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