60 Minutes To Honor Troops For Memorial Day 5/27/2012

60 Minutes continues its tradition of doing a Memorial Day weekend show dedicated to the men and women who serve in our armed forces. Tonight’s show has a one on one interview with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, combat vets returning to Iraq to face their tragedies head on, and will highlight 5 sets of brothers who are serving in Afghanistan. This Memorial Weekend show will look at the toll our two biggest ongoing wars have extracted on our brave soldiers.

Being wounded in combat is a very traumatic experience that a lot of soldiers have trouble coming to terms with. Who could blame them as most have seen things that would shake the most solid person for a lifetime. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real and can haunt a person for many years if not dealt with. Some experts have said returning to the scene of a tragedy can help a person deal with it and move on. Is this what the segment tonight will be about? We can’t say for sure until we see the show. Facing tragedy head on has been proven to help people and if returning to Iraq will help a wounded soldier deal with his or her demons then we should do it more often. Returning will give them a chance to reconcile what happened to them and their friends. This should be a very moving segment.

The next segment will be an interview with Dakota Meyer, who is the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor the marines have had in over 48 years. Meyer made a quick decision to head into a firefight and help out other soldiers. It was aid that he is responsible for returning 4 soldiers who were killed and saving over 20 friendly personnel. He also laid down the ground fire that allowed quite a few troops to get out of a highly volatile situation. Meyer is also famous for suing BAE Systems, a defense contractor he worked for, for making false statements about him because he openly objected to the sale of arms to Pakistan. It got pretty nasty for a while but the suit was settled out of court in December of 2011.

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Photo courtesy of: CBS

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