Gettin’ Curvy With It On The Dr. Oz Show Today 5/28/2012

Dr. Oz is embracing curves today with his show called the “Curvy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit and Fabulous” and it will be jam packed with info. Oz realizes that being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that we all need to be a size 2. Some of us are prone to gaining weight on bottom and top and we will never look like one of those runway models. So what should we do? Oz says to embrace our curves in ways to make us look fantastic. If you have a big bottom and top, forget about losing it all but learn to slim your middle for a great hour glass shape that will drive others wild.

Our Recap is here.

Being healthy and being thin are sometimes two things that don’t go together very well. Unrealistic goals will cause us to stop being healthy because we will never reach them. You should try to change your whole body but you should strive to be healthy and accentuate your curves. We have seen shows this season where we learned to dress properly to show off our assets and tone down our problem areas. Today, Oz is taking it one step further by showing us how to target weight loss to specific parts of the body.

Are you heavy all over but not obese? If so, you can try Oz’s new plan to shrink your belly. People who have a big belly have lower growth hormone levels and this is a problem. Oz has a new supplement called L-arginine and it is specifically designed to boost growth hormone levels. Of course, he has talked about cortisol on a regular basis and how it is caused by stress and adds fat to our belly. Today he comes out blasting with an orange avocado salad that will lower your stress and cortisol levels so the fat will disappear.

For those who are big on the bottom, Oz has talked about needing complex carbs to fight bottom fat. He suggests eating these at lunch and adding calcium to any low fat diet. He says that it is proven to speed up weight loss when you mix high calcium levels with a low fat diet. Look for new recipes today to get your huge rear end down to a sexy and curvy shape.

One of the biggest things on today’s show is the promise of a 5 day meal plan that involves no cooking and costs less than $25 dollars. No, it isn’t 5 dollars for three meals but one meal each day for 5 days. All these meals will be less than 300 calories each and should help jump start any busy woman’s diet. These won’t be toned down food that will leave you hungry as soon as you finish them but they include things like lasagne and pizza.

Check your local listings for the time Oz airs in your area. If you miss today’s show, check back here on CMR for a complete recap of all the latest curvy girl news Oz is talking about. We will have it up by 5pm eastern time.Our Recap is here.

Photo: Dr. Oz


  1. Erica says

    I think it is about time someone on TV started talking about this. I know Oz is always promoting being healthy but it is high time he finally does a show that ells us it is ok not to look like a model. Most women like me have curves and i am very proud of mine. Being fit is what we should all strive for. Fit doesn’t mean we will look like a toothpick.

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