Dr. Oz Is Celebrating Your Curves Today 5/28/2012

Dr. Oz opens the show saying your curves can actually help keep you healthy. He says big thighs may reduce your chances of getting diabetes and you bottom fat actually helps remove toxins from your body. He says there are only two rules to stay fit and fabulous when you are curvy. First, you need to whittle your middle and accent a more hour glass shape. A big belly actually squeezes your organs and can cause high blood pressure.

To get your middle under control, Oz says you need 2000mg of L-arginine with every meal. No simple carbs after lunch and we get recipes. First is a risotto made with grated cauliflower instead of rice and he shows us a mozzarella and steak kabob made with lean strip steak and low fat cheese. Third, he says to use Black Tea to help reduce stress and reduce cortisol. Oz says you need 4 cups a day instead of coffee. The second rule to stay fit is to stabilize your curves with soy. Oz says we need soy every meal to redirect the fat to our curvy areas and keep it away from our belly. He also says low fat milk will help get rid of belly fat and you need to drink 8 ounces before each meal or add chocolate for a dessert. Now Oz gives us a new exercise. It is simple. You just hold up your arms and bring your right elbow to your left knee. Do a squat and repeat with the other arm.

Now Oz says we all have the power to eat ourselves slim and gives us tips for each body type. He says for belly fat we need to lower our cortisol levels. Oz says avocados and oranges contain vitamin C and mono unsaturated fats. Oz chops an avocado and adds orange slices with a teaspoon of olive oil for a great salad. For those with big bottoms, we need a low fat high calcium option to stimulate estrogen production to get our curves in gear. Oz says we need low fat cottage cheese and black beans for a high calcium snack with complex carbs. He makes a dip with the cottage cheese and canned black beans with a few chopped tomatoes and says we need to snack on this all day. For those big all over, he says we need a combo attack. Take brazil nuts with raw chopped onion and add to cooked Quinoa and use it at dinner for a carb.

The next segment has 5 meals that require no cooking, cost less than $5 dollars each, and are less than 300 calories. Now these are all frozen foods and all you need is a microwave. His list includes: Cedar Land Low Fat Chicken Burrito, Praeger’s Lightly Breaded Fish Sticks, Amy’s Light in Sodium Vegetable Lasagna, Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, and Whole Foods 365 Mediterranean Pizza. All of these items cost less than $5 dollars and are healthy. He says to add a salad with each of these meals and you can also pick your own frozen foods to substitute if they follow three simple rules. Just make sure your frozen meals are under 300 calories, under 4 grams of saturated fats and less than 600 mg sodium.

Now we get fashion suggestions to look great while curvy. For muffin top, you need a high wasted jean and go with a monochromatic look by matching your top to the color of your jeans. For curvy thighs, try getting a longer cut and picking jeans that go all the way to the floor. This will elongate your legs and make you look slimmer. Third, if you have curvy thighs you need a stretch jean to make everything look even. Finally, for a big bottom you need to stay away from jeans that are whitewashed in certain areas as this just accents your problem parts. Also, you need to go with a full stretch jean to keep everything smooth and sexy.

Katie Boyd comes on the show and she is not your typical fitness trainer. She talks of how she chased that tiny body for years before she learned to embrace her body. Katie has a “Curvy Girl Workout” that incorporates some basic fitness moves into a dance routine. She says dancing is a great way to workout and have fun. If you are having fun then you forget about the fact that you are actually working out and will be more likely to keep doing it. Now she had some great moves like incorporating squats, leg lifts, arm moves, and other things. She says the more of these you put into your dance moves, the better the workout. Standing on one leg gets you to use all of your core muscles, squats work your rear, and keeping your arms up will tone them.

As the show ends, Oz give us some bonus tips. First, use a pre-workout parfait to give you more energy by mixing greek yogurt, bananas, and walnuts. Next, use a workout wheel to get your core in shape. These have been around for years and are just a small wheel with handles on each end. You just kneel down and roll out with the wheel. This is really a hard workout but you can start off small by not stretching out so far. Finally, after your workout you can mix peanut butter with banana slices for a healthy quick snack that is low in fat and high in energy.

That is the show today.

Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz


  1. Michelle Ford says

    Im a true Fan Of Dr Oz l learn Something evertime lm able to s
    watch the show .l feel like everyone should take time out of there busy day.to watch lt would’nt hurt!!.think about it?

  2. Melissa says

    I really liked this show. I have been big all my life even though I am in good shape. I have no cholesterol or heart problems but have always had a bigger body and was embarrassed by it. It took meyears to be like Katie and realize that I will neverbe a tooth pick. I am glad I can be happy with who I am now and everyone needs to start looking at being healthy and stopp trying to be skinny.

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