“The Catalina” Launches Tonight on the CW…Let the Crazy Begin! (VIDEO)

This is NOT another Miami zombie attack at “The Catalina” which premieres this evening on the CW beginning at 8/7c! This is hotel owner, Nathan, and pool bartender, Nancy, of the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club in South Miami Beach practicing a partner swan dive! Okay, maybe they were partying a little too much and fell in to one another or perhaps she needed to be cooled off, but whatever the reason, you can bet it is just a portion of the craziness which will be shown this evening as the new reality series, “The Catalina,” launches the pilot.

This just might be the new “Jersey Shore” of the south as owner Nathan Lieberman suggests it is the “monkey business” of the hotel which will get rooms rented according to a source at the Miami Herald. Whether or not this is a great marketing strategy, it may surely provide television relief for the dreadfully boring “Jersey Shore” which seems to be falling apart at the seams with Snooki’s pregnancy, Mike’s new found sobriety, andĀ  Pauly D’s on the road DJ gig!

The reality show centers on the young, wild, and slightly crazier than the guests staff which form a somewhat dysfunctional family that works hard by day and parties like zombies at night! It is about how they work to manage relationships with one another as well as the guests to provide the best service possible while keeping the insanity at bay until the sun goes down, then the beasts break out. The pilot hosts a spring-break pool party as well as the Kung Fu restaurant manager, Morgan, competing in a beach volleyball tournament. Find out what other crazy hit the television screen tonight as “The Catalina” springs in its inaugural season.

Image and video clip courtesy of the CW

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