“Breaking Pointe” Inaugural Season Preview: Ballet Unplugged!

“Breaking Pointe” is another new reality television show the CW is launching this summer and it follows the behind the scenes of professional ballet with Ballet West, the Salt Lake City Ballet Company. Although it touts ripping back the curtain and exposing the underbelly of the beast of ballet, it will simply affirm what many saw in Black Swan which is a fiercely competitive sport of grace and perfection where the weakest link is cast aside even if they have been at the forefront for years. Will this be the case this season on “Breaking Pointe?” Will Prima Ballerina and Principal Artist, Christiana Bennett, be cast aside for beautiful newcomer, Beckanne Sisk? Discover where the rivalries end and friendships begin in addition to the heights individuals will go to achieve the perfection they will never fully attain.

Watch tonight on the CW beginning at 8/7c as these brave dancers come from the shadows of the unknown to bring the real world of ballet to the foreground. Watch as they struggle through blood, sweat, and many tears to achieve the level of performance audiences across the world have come to expect from the grueling art which is far more athletic than football and more beautiful than synchronized swimming. It has the grace of an artist’s paint brush as the dancers create remarkable imagery on the canvas of the stage with supportive backdrops and only one another as cast members in the story which unfolds to music. They allow the audience to interpret the written lines through movements precise, measured, and above all, perfected.

Tune in tonight to the CW to see the first glimpse of this very sheltered as Artistic Director, Adam Sklute, and a few of his premiere dancers allow you into their world (and lives) as “Breaking Pointe” launches its first season! You will meet Christiana Bennett (principal ballerina), Ronnie Underwood (soloist), Allison DeBona (demi-soloist), Rex Tilton (demi-soloist), as well as several other company artists like Beckanna Sisk, Kathleen Martin, and Ronald Tilton.

Image and image courtesy of CW


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