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“Oprah’s Next Chapter” Preview: Meet the REAL Neil Patrick Harris!

Tonight on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” Oprah Winfrey talks with Neil Patrick Harris, the star of “How I Met Your Mother” and current host for the upcoming 2012 Tony Awards, who might be better known as child prodigy Doogie Howser, MD. Harris will introduce Oprah to his fiance, David Burtka, and their gorgeous twins, as well as discuss the reason behind their decision to have children in the pressured world of Hollywood as well as coming out of the closet where they can live life free of suspicions.

Oprah gets an exclusive look behind the notoriously private (and closed doors) of Neil Patrick Harris as he allows the “Queen of Smoozing” inside to talk about what only close friends and relatives know…his life as a parent and partner. According to the sneak peek into the interview, Harris explains how partner David Burtka is the more maternal side of the duo while he struggled with many parenting issues in the beginning when the twins were newborns. He feels his “bonding” will really come when the twins seek out more guidance and hands-on activities whereas David is comfortable playing the role of “mother.” During the interview, David discusses the Kinsey scale which rates the degree of heterosexuality versus homosexuality in individuals and states he feels everyone falls on that scale somewhere especially when explaining how declared homosexuals can have partners of the opposite gene pool such as he and Neil have after they talk about the fact the relationships with women did not seem to “click” appropriately.

Oprah suffers an “Aha moment” when she realizes in talking to this couple that those in same-sex relationships really, really desire to have children because of the intricate hoops they must jump through to make it happen following what Neil Partick Harris states about how the twins, Gideon and Harper, came to be in this world and it was not an “accidental pregnancy” where the relationship must now need to work, the children were wanted as a measure of completing a relationship already working. Harris explains there was financial, emotional, and family foundations already set in place before they were even conceived which is a far cry from many of the “instant” families teenagers are creating nowadays!

Oprah gets to meet the adorable twins, Harper and Gideon, who were conceived from an anonymous egg donor of two eggs with one being fertilized with sperm from Burtka and the other with sperm from Harris and carried by a surrogate whom they knew and vetted heavily. They declare how lucky they were that both took and survived to produce such gorgeous and happy toddlers now following them around who complete their life as a family. To find out more, “Oprah’s Next Chapter” will air the interview with Neil Patrick Harris this evening on OWN starting at 9/8c.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka take Oprah inside the beautiful nursery they designed for their twins, Harper and Gideon. See the shelves lined with books and the special clock that caught Oprah’s eye. Plus, find out what book they read every night at bedtime. Image and video courtesy of OWN.


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