Cat Deeley Makes the Guys ‘Turn the Chairs’ on Her FOX Dating Show “The Choice”

This evening on “The Choice,” Cat Deeley is once more in command as she directs the guys to “Turn the chairs” throughout the show as they select potential dates from the sound of their voice and then the speed coice round where they select one to dismiss bring the final choice which is like a Miss Universe pageant where one needs to answer a selected question for the guy whose dating pool she is in. Tonight the men seeking dates are Taylor Hicks (“American Idol”), NBA Hall of Fame hopeful Warren Sapp (“Dancing with the Stars”), Chef Rocco DiSpirito, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (“Jersey Shore”). Who will get the dream date and who gets thrown back in the ocean? Let’s find out…

In the first round, Mike “The Situation” is the first to fill his dating pool with lawyer Liz, Jersey girl Jessica, and screaming Italian Laura. Following him, is Rocco, whose dating pool gets filled with “pee pants” Christina, football lover Lexi, and Latin beauty Veronica. Warren fills his pool next with Shakyra, Erika, and Angela who all all really nondescript. Taylor must choose between Ruby and Cassandra at the end but once Ruby states she is a Southern Belle, he tries to turn his chair around and jumps out to see her, not giving poor Cassandra a chance to speak. The other women in his pool are Las Vegas model Hope and reporter Sonya.

The next round, the speed choice round, has some hilarious moments, but one has to go and for Taylor, it is Ruby who is the one he was so excited about in the beginning. Warren releases Angela because she likes boxers and Rocco sends Veronica packing. “The Situation” picks the two on the right which are Jessica and Laura…everyone saw that coming!

The final question round is where the date decision is made following the remaining two girls in each guy’s dating pool answering a select question from the guy of their choice. Taylor Hicks is up first and his question is “What was your childhood dream and what is it now?” Hope answers first stating she always wanted to grow up to be as successful as her mother (which she is) but her dream now would be to bring back her father from the dead because she misses him…okay, a little creepy! Sonya’s answer is she wanted to grow up to be Oprah because she was the closest thing to a female president and now just wants to learn and grow as a person. The choice? Sonya!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has a real situation on his hands in this choice which boils down to a short-term or long-term relationship following the answers the women give. The question: “Mike is famous for his name on ‘Jersey Shore’ and wants to know what you would be famous for and why?” Jessica states she would be famous for being the “Asian Persuasion” because all guys want to date an Asian girl, right? Laura calls Mike out on his choice of women and states she would be famous for changing the attitude of “The Situation” to one who respects and seeks a girl with morals! Ouch! The choice? The long-term Laura who is making Mike look to the future and not what is in the moment!

Warren Sapp faces his choice next and the question posed to his women is “What Hall of Fame would you be inducted in to?” Erika says it would be the Hall of Fame for opinions because she speaks her mind and Shakyra states her Hall of Fame would be glamazon which is living each day to the fullest which wins her the date! Finally, Rocco DiSpirito must choose his date for the evening. His question is “What dish would you cook for me?” Christina believes she would be able to win his heart with a grilled shrimp kabob but does not stand a chance when Lexi tells him about her grandfather’s famous pizza she would make which remains a family favorite! Rocco easily chooses Lexi.

Tune in next Thursday night at 9/8c for a new episode of “The Choice” on FOX with the hostess with the mostest, Cat Deeley!

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