Fear Factor Returns With Surprise And Drama 7/9/2012


The hit show Fear Factor came back last night with more of a whimper than a bang in the first of a two part special. Host Joe Rogan opened this episode saying that 5 teams will be competing in up to 5 stunts to win a $100,000 dollar grand prize. Now we have seen lots of disgusting things on this show and I was really ready for some great new stuff. I have been in the dumps since they decided to cancel the show that had contestants drinking “donkey juice” and was ready for a fresh start.

The first stunt had one contestant handcuffed to a tree while the other circled in a helicopter. Once the handcuffed contestant found the right key to free themselves the circling partner would pull a cord to jerk them away from the tree and the 400 foot drop below them. This was one of the most tame stunts I have ever seen on Fear Factor and I have been watching it since the beginning.

The second stunt tonight was much better. The female member of the team had to lie down in a bathtub full of leeches. Once she had plenty on her, her partner had to suck them all off her body. Finally, both contestants had to eat 5 leeches each. Now this is what I watch Fear Factor for as it had lots of gagging and a really high gross factor. It is really funny when the guys squeal louder than the girls in these stunts.

Just as we are getting into this, we get a surprise as one team quits. Team Keith & Sarah voluntarily quit. They made it through the second challenge by one one second. Joe announces that the two eliminated teams of Ronnie & Andrea and Davi & Jessica will get a second chance and go head to head to see who will join Shane & Pauline and Earl & Amy Joe in the final three stunts for the $100,000 grand prize.

As we are getting ready for more stunts, Joe says we will have to wait until next week for the conclusion. I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to see more action tonight. as the show goes off, we see previews and Ronnie and Andrea are not in any of them. Maybe they lose the challenge and go home, maybe it is just Fear Factor’s way of keeping us guessing. Check back next week for another full recap of Fear Factor.

Photo courtesy of: Fear Factor

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