“America’s Got Talent” Results (7/25/12): The Fourth Quarter Showdown! Who Moves Forward!

This evening on “America’s Got Talent” the results are revealed as to who won the hearts of America in the fourth quarter showdown later night and will be heading into the semi-finals. CMR readers have voted throughout the day and their selections are: Olate Dogs with 176 votes, Joe Castillo with 141 votes, Eric Diddelman with 194 votes, and William Close and the Earth Harp Elective with 231 votes. Let’s see how our loyal readers (who are generally on the mark) with the reveals of Nick Cannon tonight.

The show starts with the first elimination of the night and the three facing off are Ulysses, Olate Dogs, and David “The Bullet” Smith, Jr. Sharon is certain she knows who is going to the semi-finals and I am crossing my fingers for one of my predictions and YES! It is the Olate Dogs who were so cute last night, they were intoxicating. CMR readers are on the right track so far.

The British teen sensation, Cher Lloyd, is next on stage to sing her smash hit “Want You Back.” This cutie performed against One Direction on “X Factor” last year. She is definitely Katy Perry inspired with a really cute performance. The most interesting fact about this act is it is really teen-centered and appropriate with an all-girl backup dance group who look to be in their teenage years as well as dressed in appropriate costuming, not the overtly revealing things we generally see! It was refreshing!

The second elimination with Nick Cannon is between Unity in Motion, Sebastien “El Charro de Oro”, and William Close and the Earth Harp Elective. As the drum rolls and the audience waits, the camera pans from one act to another. Will I be able to claim another selection right? You betcha as William Close is announced he will be continuing on in the competition! So far, so good for the readers as well with 2 for 2!

The third elimination has me worried but I am certain who is going to be selected because I was on the fence between one of them and Unity in Motion which was just eliminated. Joe Castillo, Eric and Olivia, and Horse are called to the stage and Nick asks Howard Stern for his opinion as he likes all of these (well, cannot account for poor taste!). He and Howie talk about mothers calling related to the act by Horse last night which was better than those in the past but still, as I put it, would be better placed is Tosh.O on the Comedy Central channel. Anyway, I lose on this round but the readers got it right when they voted for Joe Castillo who will be bringing his artistic magic to more in the semi-finals.

The Broadway cast of “Once” performs an arrangement which starts out with dueling instruments. It is good but I am not sure I would pay to go see it…not really inspiring for me but they are really talented musicians. This brings up the final elimination of the evening with the acts that placed fourth, fifth, and sixth from the audience vote. The acts are Lindsay Norton, All That!, and Eric Diddelman. The judges will choose but it will not include Lindsay Norton who is eliminated as being in sixth place. Who will the judges select from the two remaining? Eric Diddelman or All That!? The readers and I picked Eric Diddelman to go on to the semi-finals. The judges vote – Howie Mandel: Eric Diddelman, Sharon Osbourne: All That!, and the sway vote is Howard Stern: Eric Diddelman making Eric Diddelman the final act to be send on to the semi-finals! CMR readers…YOU ROCK!

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