“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Recap: Rednecks and Mud Baths Just Go Together!

Tonight was the season premiere of the summer series on TLC called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and if you thought the CMT reality series “My Big Redneck Vacation” was filled with rednecks, you got to watch this! I would even like “Bayou Billionaires” over this ridiculous exploit of a little girl who really does not know any better since she is only six by her family.

I have reviewed some really bad shows, but this one takes the cake! I could not believe how uncouth these people are and they were given a reality show by TLC? What is this world coming to? Trash, I tell you, simply trash! For those who wish to to know what happened, this recap highlights the episode called “This Is My Crazy Family!” It starts out with Alana “Honey Boo Boo” introducing her three sisters – Lauryn “Pumpkin” who is 12 and the craziest, Anna “Chickadee” who is 17 and pregnant in her third trimester, and Jessica “Chubbs” who is 15 and HBB’s BFF! The boss is June “Mama” and the one who brings home the bacon (LITERALLY) is Mike “Sugar Bear.” They are from McIntyre, Georgia.

There are shots of the inside of their house which makes those women featured on “Extreme Couponing” look tame as there are more paper products than they could use in a year! June washes her hair in the kitchen sink and then itches her head stating she is scratching the bugs…are you kidding me? This woman has about three chins and is talking about how she is teaching these girls good habits as they all snack on cheeseballs for breakfast at noon! This kid is one of the sassiest I have ever seen on television but cute in a rattlesnake sort of way.

They head to East Dublin, Georgia for the Redneck Games where the pregnant daughter, Anna, is strutting around with her belly hanging out which seems not not phase even the youngest who is constantly playing with hers. June talks about all the “brokedown people” wearing revealing clothing and not being the most physically fit (if you know what I mean), comparing herself to them and denying the fact they are rednecks. Some of the games featured in this first episode include a “bobbing for (raw) pigs feet” and “mud belly flopping” which Jessica and Alana partake in while mom dirty dances with some young guy…eww!!!

The show wraps up with Jessica wanting to lose some weight and there is a family weigh-in with Alana tipping the scales (at 6-years-old) with the weight of nearly 70 pounds while Jessica is a hefty 175 pounds at 15-years-old, and mother is in excess of 300! Jessica tells the audience her mother says if someone farts 12-15 times a day, they are healthy…WHAT? Afterwards, the kids talk about their mother, calling her “fat” and “enormous” which just goes to show the level of parenting going on here and they wonder why this kid has never won a championship, including the “Fresh Faces” they go to compete in which is looking for natural beauty and poise, of which she has neither, but dad thinks Honey Boo Boo has it in her to be Miss America someday. Yeah, right!

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