Dr. Oz Recap 9/18/2012: Dr. Joel Fuhrman And Metalbolism For Body Type

Dr. oz opens talking about Joel Fuhrman’s book called “Eat To Live” and how it promises to use food to take the place of prescription medications.We see some of his patients. Jessica was taking over 10 medications a day and since using Joel’s plan she is drug free. Another lady has lost over 55 pounds and Oz says there are thousands of others that follow Dr. Fuhrman. Oz says that how Joel deal with food is what is so revolutionary. Fuhrman says we use medications as a crutch to keep doing bad behavior. He says we don’t need diabetic medications or heart and high blood pressure medications. He says these diseases can be treated by food alone.

First, Dr. Fuhrman flips the food pyramid. He uses nutrient density as a guide. Breads, oils, and sugars are at the bottom because they have no nutrient value. He says animal products don’t have a high nutrient and they account for 26% of our food intake. Oz asks if this is just another diet program. Dr. Fuhrman says that being fat is related to being healthy. He says the same chemicals that promote fat storage in our body also promote cancer. Fuhrman says that his program is for anyone that wants to be healthy for life and is not limited to just people who are overweight.

Now we meet some of Joel’s patients. Both ladies says this program saved their lives and caused them to stop using all the medications for headaches and pain. Adrienne says she lost 26 pounds in 30 days but the weight loss is not the important part. She says that after about one week on the program, she felt great even though she was still heavy. Oz says this is important because Fuhrman says that weight loss is a side effect of eating healthy. The next lady suffered from migraines and had always taken pills. She has been pain free since starting Joel’s plan.

Now Fuhrman talks about what we should be eating. First he says GBOMBS or greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds are the things we need to eat every day to stay healthy. We see three cylinders to represent our stomach. 400 calories of junk food won’t fill you up nor will 400 calories of fast food. 4oo calories of the foods Dr. Fuhrman recommends won’t even fit into the stomach no matter how much you try to stuff them in it. One lady who says she hated Kale when she first started the plan has learned to love it. Since you are eating lots of greens and salads you need a salad dressing. Joel give us a recipe that sounds great. Just mix 1/3 cup soy, almond or hemp milk, 1 apple, peeled and sliced, 1/2 cup raw cashews or 1/4 cup raw cashew butter, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar and blend well in a blender.

Now we find out how to see what our metabolism type is for our body. First is a lady who loves salty snacks and she says she eats when she gets anxious or has stress. Oz says the chips may be causing the stress and she is metabolic body type A. They have a strong appetite, crave fatty foods, and are fatigued. Now we see a lady that loves and craves sweet foods like ice cream and coffee. This is metabolism type B people have a weak appetite, ambitious, crave sweets, organized, and sensitive. Now some people have sign of both of the above and we call them metabolic type C and they have fluctuating appetite, tend to be anxious and in pain, crave salty and sweet foods and their moods tend to go from one end to the other. Oz says that the foods we eat are aiding in our metabolic type.

Now Oz gives us the foods for our metabolic type that will help us lose weight. For type A people, the plate should be 50% protein, 30% fats, 20% carbs. For type B people, we need to eat 70% carbs, 20% protein, 10% fats. Oz says type B people do great on a low fat diet. Finally, type C people need to have 33% carbs, 33% protein, and 33% fats in their diet.

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  1. Prajakta says

    Hmm… The second half of the program was opposite of what the first half preached. The type As need to eat red meat and Full fat dairy? I wonder if Dr Fuhrman hung around to see.

  2. Edna Smith says

    In the article “Dr Oz Recap 9/18/12, it mentions all metalbodic types and what they should eat. At the bottom of the article, it doe NOT finish what type C need to eat. Please respond.
    Thank you,
    Edna Smith

  3. Nancy Badavas says

    Finally when people complain about how much dark protein I eat and how little carbs I consume, I can come back with “I have a Type-A metabolism”. I actually thrive on protein, fat from cheese and milk, and vegetables. I am 53 years old, am a school teacher (best job in the world), and I have incredible energy. I run over 1000 miles a year, and for the most part, feel totally “balanced” in my mental, physical and spiritual health. Thank you for giving me the answer to the question of why I love protein so much. You had a great program today. Nancy

  4. Loisanne Diehl says

    With regard to your coverage of the Dr. Oz Show that aired September 18, 2012, I was not able to view the entire article. It left off with the percentage of foods we need to lose weight. “Finally, type C people need to have …

    My metabolic type is C and I would like the rest of the article, if that is possible. Please send it to my Email address. Many thanks!

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