Dr. Oz Recap 9/25/2012: Is Melatonin Dangerous?

Dr. Oz opens by saying that melatonin is a hormone produced by your brain that tells your body it is time to sleep and it can be dangerous. Dr. Michael Breus is on and he says it actually destroys our sleep. He says that people are using way to much of this chemical because ti doesn’t do what the marketers say it does. Melatonin is a sleep regulator and not a sleep aid. This is not a natural sleep aid and people using it are waking up in the middle of the night and taking more. One woman has nightmares and wakes up with a hangover feeling after taking it.

As a busy single mom, this lady wants to get good sleep and she needs to sleep throughout the night. Breus chimes in and says that people keep taking this because they have been duped into thinking this should be a natural way to get sleep. Oz says the results of taking too much melatonin will give the same body reaction as a hangover. We learn this lady is taking 9 times the recommended daily dosage and oz says the reason she feels like she is in a fog is because the melatonin is telling her body that it is time to sleep.

Oz asks what the right amount of melatonin to sleep. Breus says we never need more than 1mg if we even need it at all. The audience today admits that almost all of them are taking at least twice the daily dosage and some are mad about this. Michael says that most doctors are over use this because it is supposed to be natural. He says there are times melatonin is right to use like if you are a shift worker and need to stay up all night and sleep all day. If you take a long trip and need to avoid jet lag and elderly people produce less melatonin so they could benefit from it if they are having trouble sleeping. Never take over 1mg a day and never use melatonin for more than two weeks at a time.

Breus has a method for everyone to get a good deep sleep. It is called progressive muscle relaxation and it will teach your body how to rest properly. You sit in a chair or lay on your back and breath in for a three count and out for a three count. Tense the muscles in your forehead by squinting and then relaxing while still using the three counts. Move down and shrug your shoulders and finally make a fist for a three count and the relax for a three count. This is similar to other relaxation tips and an EKG, from a volunteer on the show, proves she is more relaxed after using these techniques.


  1. Mary D says

    How many people have ever died from Melatonin use or abuse?

    How many people have died from prescription sleep aids?

    Any questions?

  2. Joe S says

    This is really disappointing. Dr. Oz does not cite ANY specific evidence of harmful effects of melatonin AT ALL, yet goes on tirade about how upset and angry he is about this supplement. Not once does he or his “Doctor” guest cite a SINGLE scientifically valid fact or ANY research even remotely suggesting ANY harmful effects from regular melatonin use. The worst they say will happen is that you will wake up groggy.. Well, if anyone is in an insomniac tries taking melatonin and it doesn’t work they are going to wake up groggy anyway.. So the worst they can come up with is 1. you may not get a good nights sleep, and 2. we don’t know if it might be harmful..
    I’m beginning to think the drug companies have gotten to Dr. Oz now also.. another shill for the drug companies.

  3. Jessica says

    I understand his statements but he tends to throw the baby out with the bath water ….and then tell people to buy his brand….. He did that with the whole hcg thing….said it was dangerous and then a few months later sold a hcg supplement. What about people that have brain damage and their brains misfire…..I would rather give them melatonin than the sleeping drugs prescribed. Or neurologist has us give it to our three year old who had a stroke….otherwise the kid doesn’t sleep….at all!

  4. Sarah F Jefferson says

    I take melatonin but never take it no more than 3 times amonth it works find for me i get the same results from niqil or any other cold medicine.Can you please tell me what is good to take i got breast cancer from drinking too much milk and caffine.

  5. eddie says

    dr oz is a quack if you ask me,i have been on 20 mgs for the last 12 years and i feel great,everyone must ajust there dose for there own needs and also the right time to take it,everyone is different.

  6. Lori Moore says

    This is disappointing. I am a nurse practitioner and know that fifty years of scientific study supports the safety of melatonin. It makes me wonder if the drug companies who make ambien have gotten to Dr. Oz and his guest Dr.

  7. Deena says

    I take a 1 mg dose, (did my research first), maybe once a week. I only take it when the night before or two nights in a row my sleep was broken. I suffer from mild insomnia and 1 mg does just fine. I know I received good solid sleep because I wake up with energy. As with any medication, all natural or not, I would never take it every day because the body produces it naturally. If you do need it every day, there may be underlying issues going on.

  8. Amy Mann says

    My doctor prescribed melatonin to help ward off migrane headaches that develop in the night. is this safe? you have me questioning my doctor now!

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