Frankenweenie Review: Fun Non-Scary Film For The Whole Family

Tim Burton has done it again with his latest stop motion animation film called, “Frankenweenie,” and he provides non stop fun for the whole family. Since Halloween is fast approaching, we will be swamped with all kinds of “Evil” and “Horror” films for adults but this production will give families some much needed “quality time” for all ages. Burton has to be a marketing genius by focusing on families and this movie sure fills the bill.

Now Frankenweenie is the same stop motion animation that Burton is known for but he adds a new twist here by incorporating 3D into this new masterpiece that is show in all Black and White. The 3D effects add a lot of depth and dimension. The scenes seem to literally jump off the screen at you and Burton uses the “gotcha” moments minimally. Note: If you are taking your small children you might want to skip this option. It is great but little kids like mine seem to have a hard time keeping those glasses on.

Burton has a few great actors doing voices here including: Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan and Atticus Shaffer. All are great in their respective characters. I was a bit nervous about taking my son to this film as some critics have talked about the scary moment in the second half. My son is 6 years old and he laughed the whole way through with no problems. Although this movie is rated PG, I really saw nothing that would upset a small child to the point of being traumatized. Parents should use their best judgement here as each kid is different.

The story is simple. Victor, a young budding scientist in a town called New Holland, loses his best friend, a dog named Sparky, in an accident.he decides to take his knowledge and bring Sparky back with a few “improvements.” Of course, Sparky gets lose from his hiding place and proceeds to terrorize the town. The whole movie revolves around Sparky with a few sub plots thrown in for good measure. Some critics are saying the scenes about losing a pet could be too scary for younger kids but my son has lost hamsters, fish, two dogs, and a cat so he knows what a loss is and this scene in the film never fazed him.

I really liked this movie. My son loved it and wants to go see it again. If you are looking for a Halloween film that you can take the whole family to see, Frankenweenie is the perfect choice.

Photo from Frankenweenie official site.


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