Double Elimination Week On Dancing With The Stars: All Stars 10/8/2012

Dancing With The Stars All stars heads into week three with a double elimination that could shake things up again if Bristol Palin and Kirstie Alley can keep their fans voting. Last week, we saw the power of the fan vote as both survived elimination and Joey Fatone was sent home. With the scores all of these “All Stars” are getting the fan votes are really important. Of course, all competition shows like this use that built in fan voting to keep things shook up and all of us guessing.

In the two previous weeks, no real dominant team has emerged. It is really a little disappointing to see all of these previous winners and runner ups doing so mediocre. It does add to the drama and excitement though. Last week, everyone was betting it would be Bristol or Kirstie heading home as both were the worst dancers.

Bristol does try hard but not everybody is cut out to be a dancer. People complained about her mother using the Tea Party to garner her votes and how outraged they were. It is nothing new as we have seen celebrities like Nancy Grace use her own TV show to rally the troops and keep her alive in the competition a little longer.

Kirstie has a huge following, especially after she has lost so much weight. She gives people hope and viewers love to see someone famous turn their life around. She will need to step up her game tonight though as a double elimination means that one of the bottom two will surely be gone on Tuesday.

Dancing With the Stars starts at 8pm eastern time on ABC. If you miss all or part of the show, check back here on CMR for a full recap of all the scores and what the judges were saying about each dancer.

Photo courtesy of ABC

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