Dr. Oz Show Recap 10/8/2012: Are Artificial Sweeteners Killing You?

Dr. Oz opens by saying he is talking about the substitutes we use to stay thin and healthy and the most common place we get them are diet sodas. Oz starts talking about artificial sweeteners and he says they will cause you to gain weight and are attributed to Metabolic Syndrome (MS). Two ladies are on the show now and they say they are addicted to artificial sweeteners and use it as a crutch because they get their sweet fix but it doesn’t have the calories that regular sugar does.

Oz gives us animation on what happens when we use these products. The brain is not fooled by these but it tells you that you need more and the pancreas produces more insulin and this spikes your blood sugar levels and causes weight gain. Oz says belly fat and high cholesterol are a sign of a problem. He says one diet soda a day is enough to cause you to gain weight. The sweeteners themselves don’t cause cancer but belly fat has been linked to colon, pancreas, endometrial cancer.

After the break, Oz says sugar substitutes are causing a range of health problems like digestive problems. He says the substitutes are officially called “Sugar Alcohols” because they are a made of chemicals. Oz says there are recent reports that suggest the substitutes are linked to things like diarrhea, gas and bloating. They cause fluid to build up in the colon and these sugar alcohols then have to be purged. Oz says to look for “itol” in the ingredients like “zorbitol.” Just 5 sticks of sugar free gum are enough to cause cramping and loose stools.

Now Oz talks about health problems like a weak bladder. He says the bladder is a muscle that needs to contract for us to “go.” A bladder that is exposed to these sweeteners contracts more and faster, even though the bladder is not full. This can damage the bladder over time and one packet of sweetener can cause this reaction. Oz says if you “go” more than 8 times a day, you are over using your bladder.

Now we get ways to get away from these products. Oz says you can have some of them and you should. Dr. Ashley Koff says we need to reduce the quantity, replace the product and renew your taste buds. She says we can have one packet a day of sweetener. To replace them, Koff says we could use a product like stevia because it is all natural. To be sure you are getting pure stevia, you need to look for “stevia” on the label and no other ingredients. She says we need to keep the quantity down to three packs of stevia a day. to renew your taste buds, Ashely says we need to stick with natural products like fruits, raw buckwheat honey. Since substitutes are sweeter than regular sugar, our taste buds need to be retrained to recognize the natural sweetness in real products.

Now Oz talks about artificial butter and whether it can cause Alzheimer’s. Diacetyl is the ingredient in these products and it is even in some wines. He says we are doing this because we want to be healthy but our bodies are telling us another story. One study linked these products with Alzheimer’s disease. Chemicals like diacetyl can gunk up the neurons in your brain. Factory workers that make these products had all kinds of health problems when they worked in plants that make these products. Oz says we don’t need to be a guinea pig until we have full knowledge of what is going on.

Oz says this study will take decades to find out the truth and we should cut back on them as much as possible until we know the truth. He says if the ingredient list says “artificial flavors” it could contain diacetyl. He says “Plant Sterols” are a natural thing and are perfectly fine. Oz gives out a taste test and it is whipped butter. He says it has half the calories and half the fat of regular butter and it is a natural product without diacetyl.

The show ends with some funny slides of kids saying things that are not true. First, the kid says he is allergic to broccoli. One says her bear told her not to clean her room because he likes it messy. Another says she is eating chocolate because Oz says it is healthy…LOL!

That is the show for today, check back tomorrow for another live recap of Dr. Oz.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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