Dr. Oz Recap 10/17/2012: Genetically Modified Food Safety And Women’s Health

Dr. Oz says that some people think Genetically modified foods may already be on your table and what do you need to know about this new type of food you are eating. He says three out of four processed foods are genetically modified. Europe and other countries have banned these foods but the FDA has yet to do so. Dr. Robin Bernhoft and Dr. Jeffrey Smith are here to debate the topic. Smith says that there is a correlation of increased bowel diseases and other things that can be directly related to GMO foods.

Bernhoft says there are tests involving rats that show cancers and tumors when they are exposed to this food. Smith says the FDA has ignored these problems. They leave the stage and Martina McGloughlin comes out and says that there are no tests on regular crops and that the tests the other doctors are quoting studies that are not that accurate. She says that she believes these foods are safer and better than regular food. Oz says the FDA says GMO foods are safe a support voluntary labeling. Oz says e have a right to know what foods we are eating and that is the main point of today’s show.

Oz asks his reader about eating these foods and they say they would choose not to eat them. California has Prop 37 that will be on the ballot and force these foods to be labeled. Gary Hirshberg is now on the show and he says there are many groups that think they have a right to know what is in their food. Oz asks about the financial cost of labeling. Emory University says the cost will only be 73 cents per consumer. Allison EEnennaam is now on the show and she says the cost will be more like 300 dollars or more. She says Gary is only looking at the price of putting up the labels and not the changes that will be required if they recalculate their recipes.

Allison says if we want to avoid eating genetically modified foods we can already go to the market and select products that are labeled organic. I really wish Oz had spent more time here because it doesn’t cost that much to label organic products and it can’t cost that much to label GMO foods. Allison’s reasoning sounded a little faulty here.

Oz says there are some things we can do to know if we are using GMO food. First, he says we can go organic and look for the “USDA Certified Organic” label. Second, you need to avoid foods that have canola, corn, papaya, and sugar beets in them. You can use olive oil instead of canola oil. Finally, look for a “NON GMO Certified” Seal on your food products.

Now Oz shifts gears and talks about three things women need to recognize that could mean life or death. If your breath smells like nail polish remover, you could have a big problem. Darlene had this symptom with a funny taste in her mouth for a few days. She says she couldn’t get rid of it even by brushing her teeth. One day she started to work and woke up on the steps. She says she had been urinating a lot and she was carving sweets, even though she never craved sweets. Oz says if your breath smells like acetone, you are tired all the time, you are thirsty all the time and urinate a lot, and you start craving sweets, you are showing signs of having diabetes.

Oz gives a demonstration about how the body uses sugar. When you have too much sugar in your body, it creates smells in your body that show up in your breath. Oz says this is a major problem. He tells Darlene that if she gets her weight under control, she will not have to worry about diabetes.

Next, we get Christine and she started getting facial hair that started growing on her face and in her nose. She says she had back pain, joint pain, and bloating. Oz says the chin hair, bloating, change in bowel patterns, and back pain can mean you have ovarian cancer. Oz shows us what a normal ovary looks like and what Christine’s looked like. He says the hormones in her over sized ovary started producing male hormones and that is why she got the sudden facial hair.

Now Oz talks about tunnel vision. We get a lady on the show and she was driving and everything looked like it was cut in half. She said is only lasted for a few minutes and then she was fine. Oz says she lost half the vision in each eye and this is dangerous. When she mentioned this to her doctor, an MRI was ordered. It turns out that she had blocked blood vessels in apart of her brain. Oz says this is the sign of a stroke and says we need to act FAST. Start with changes in the face, arm or leg, your speech, and time. If you start having these symptoms, you don’t have a lot of time so you need to get to a doctor immediately.

The final segment is about losing your memory. Oz has a test for us to take and he shows us two pictures. First, look at a pictures for three seconds. Now try to recall details of the pictures. If you can’t recall the details you have a memory storage problem. The second test is to write the alphabet backwards on a piece of paper. If you cannot do this very easily you could have a memory recall problem. Oz gives an exercise and says to stop using computers so much but then he recommends an app for a tablet or smart phone. He says if you have a memory retrieval problem. Oz says hormones can be the cause of this and you need to keep your hormones in check.

Oz also says your weight can cause your memory to get worse. He says that losing just 5 pounds can make a drastic improvement in your memory.

That is the show for today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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