Dr. Oz Talks About Superfoods That Cure And Prevent Disease 10/18/2012


Today of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. John LaPuma is on the show claiming he has a list of super foods that can cure and prevent diseases. Now we have all heard Dr. Weil talk about how food is the key to optimum health and how we can live disease free if we eat certain things. But can foods actually cure disease? LaPuma is not just a doctor but he is also a professionally trained chef so he should know a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Now LaPuma has written several books about nutrition and its role in keeping our weight down and fighting things like heart disease. He is also the founding editor of Alternative Medicine Alert: A publication dedicated to using proper nutrition to keep our bodies disease free. (source is Dr. LaPuma’s web site) Now eating right usually means that you will have weight loss as a side effect. Andrew Weil constantly talks of how he always recommends a lifestyle change that results in a person losing excess weight. Will LaPuma agree with this?

Today, LaPuma will tell Oz how he has linked obesity to cancer. He says it is the most important factor in determining your risk of getting the disease. So strike another vote for a doctor that says staying thinner will lower your risk of getting cancer. He will go into detail about the benefits of Chicken, Arugula, Pumpkin, and even concord Grapes.

You won’t want to miss this fact filled show today so make sure you set your DVR and check your local listings for the time the show airs in your area. If you can’t watch, check back here on CMR for our full live recap starting at 4pm eastern time. We have all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about 5 days a week.

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