Dr. Oz Recap 10/23/12: Statin Drugs As The Fountain of Youth?

Dr. Oz Recap 10/23/12: Statin Drugs As The Fountain of Youth?

Dr. Oz starts off today by asking if medicine has discovered the fountain of youth. Dr. David Agus, the author of “The End of Illness”, Dr. Oz calls him a “rockstar” of medicine. He’s helped develop a technology that helps give a complete picture of a person’s health with just a single drop of blood. Has Dr. Agus found the fountain of youth?

Dr. Oz asks how close medicine is to finding the fountain of youth. Dr. Agus says we’re not too far away, and even points out that Alzheimer’s will even be a thing of the past within the next 10 years. As for our options for the fountain of youth today, Dr. Agus prescribes the use of a statin drugs (used for cholesterol and helps reduce inflammation).

Are statin drugs for you? Here are 5 Q’s: 1) Do you have a family history of cancer?, 2) Do you think you’re overweight?, 3) Do you smoke?, 4) Do you have a family history of diabtes or high blood sugar?, and 5) Do you have a family history of heart disease? A guest on the show answers positively for one of these questions, and is over the age of 40. Dr. Agus recommends that she should go on a statin. In fact, he admits he’s on a statin himself. He says that he’s a believer that this is the only drug that works that gives patients longevity. It may seem controversial, but he says he’s basing his judgement on the vast amounts of data he’s researched. How much will it cost? $9 for 90 days.

In Dr. Oz’s opinion, he thinks the reason doctors prescribe statin drugs is because they’ve given up on a patient’s ability to change their lifestyle. Dr. Agus says he hasn’t given up on changing lifestyle, but Dr. Oz prefers a change in lifestyle over taking any pill. He adds that statin drugs work for some and not everyone.

Dr. Agus and Dr. Oz now talk about antioxidants. Dr. Agus says that after looking at the data, he believes that antioxidiants in vitamin form actually increase the risk of cancer instead of preventing it. “Antioxidants” he says have actually just become a marketing term. Dr. Agus worries that these antioxidant vitamins actually take away the good stuff as well as the bad stuff (free radicals) from the body. All a vitamin is, Dr. Agus says, is something a body cannot produce a significant amount of. In Dr. Oz’s opinions, he feels that Dr. Agus is talking about things doctors talking about closed doors, but still feels that people need vitamins to get what they’re not getting in their diets.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Agus do, however, agree on three things: 1) Automate your day. You’ll function better, you’ll do better if you can create a regular routine in your day as it’ll reduce stress. Dr. Agus says that the person who eats an apple everyday at 3pm is better off than the person who reaches for an apple randomly throughout the day, 2) Take a daily aspirin, and 3) Stand up for your health. Here’s an amazing fact: Dr. Agus reveals that if we work out at the gym for an hour a day (which is great) and then sit idly for the next 5 hours is equivalent to smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes a day.

Up next is Chris Kilham, the “medicine man”, who says that nature’s plants and flowers are the fountain of youth. In fact, he says that the drugs we use today are killing us. Kilham says we are natural beings and have evolved with plants for millions of years. We have not evolved with synthetic drugs for millions of years. Overall, he doesn’t feel we should take these synthetic medicines as plants and herbs are more effective. Here’s Kilham’s “Garden of Youth”:

  • Dandelion is for liver detoxification. You can put the greens in salads and stir frys, and the root to make teas. It’s quite bitter and that bitterness helps the body get rid of toxins.
  • Tulsi, also known as “holy bazel”, is excellent for reducing systemic inflammation. You can put them in foods, and even find supplements at health food stores.
  • Reishi is for a “bomb proof” immune system. The plant has to be boiled, and it tastes a little bit like dirt, Dr. Oz says, but he also says he prefers this over the dandelion tea. This is available also as a supplement.

Chris Kilham gives us three simple steps we can take to live longer: 1) Drink coffee. It has many benefits like lowers the risk of colon and rectal cancers, Parkinsons, stabilizes blood sugar, etc. Kilham is in the 2-3 cups a day recommendation. (The audience is happy now.), 2) Eat a red onion a day – it’s better than an apple. It’s the “unsung longevity food of all time” by lowering blood lipids, containing antioxidants, and the list of benefits go on forever. It does not have to be eaten raw though which is good news. 3) Have a daily dose of tumeric (the yellow curry powder). Kilham says to take about 500 mg of curcumin (it’s what gives tumeric that yellow orange color) extract daily.

Finally, Dr. Oz reveals the “ultimate longevity food” – chocolate. An ounce or two everyday of dark chocolate will give you the greatest benefits like lower risk of heart disease, strike, lowers cholesterol, inflammation, etc.

That’s the show for today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz.



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