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Chris Powell’s 7 Day Solution To Carb Cravings On Dr. Oz Today 10/31/2012

Dr. oz is taking a break today and giving us a show that was aired last season and it has Chris Powell talking about how to kick carbs and lose weight. He is talking about his book called “Choose To Lose: The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution” and he has some really great ideas to kick our carb habits and get our body to burn more fat. Chris is pretty no nonsense in his approach to weight loss and believes it comes the old fashion way: By eating less and working out more. On his show “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition,” he bombards his guests and puts them through agony to get to their goal.

What impressed me most about this show when it originally aired was the fact that Chris believes long term weight loss success can only be achieved if we get our mind right. He said we need to get rid of the emotional baggage that is keeping us from reaching our goal. This is so true in everything we do in life and not just a way to lose weight.

Oz got Chris to talk about how we need carbs to survive. If we lower carbs too much then we lower our metabolism and it is even harder to lose weight. To lose weight, we must take in fewer calories than we require daily. The key is to find a balance that will keep our metabolism revved up but allow us to eat less and burn fat. Chris says his plan will do just that in 7 days.

The plan was pretty simple. You just alternate high carb days with low carb days. This keeps your body guessing and doesn’t give your metabolism a chance to slow down. By alternating, you also break the cycle we have that makes us crave carbs. Did you know that process white flour stimulates the same part of the brain that cocaine does? That is why bad carbs are so addictive.

If you want to read all about Chris Powell’s new plan, you can check out our original recap by clicking here.

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  1. Millie Dappollone says

    Where can we see the entire episode that aired on 10/31/12 since the president broke in the beginning?

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