Dr. Oz Show Recap 11/16/2012: Dr. Alan Hirsch Of Sensa Weight Loss Supplement

Dr. Oz starts today by asking what would we do if we could just sprinkle a powder on our food and lose weight no matter what we eat. Dr. Alan Hirsch and Kristin Kirkpatrick are on the show to talk about the Sensa Weight loss supplement. Hirsch says he found out that people that lose their sense of taste and smell gain weight. He decided that you could lose weight if we could enhance our food with extra flavor. He developed a powder that is both sweet and salty and you sprinkle the right one on your food and you will lose weight.

Hirsch says the brain is the key to feeling full and Sensa helps boost the signals so we eat less. Oz has Dr. Louis Aronne says this is just a placebo. He says Hirsch did not do a proper research study. Hirsch says that people who use his powder lose an average of 30 pounds over 6 months. Kristin Kirkpatrick says the ingredients could work but we donot know what other ingredients are in there and that people with celiac disease might not lose weight on this.

Both Aronne and Oz ask about the ingredients and Hirsch says the ingredients are recognized as “GRA” meaning they are generally recognized as safe. Oz says he has dedicated his life to helping people make healthy choices in their life to lose weight and he asks Hirsch how this product could help anyone long term. Hirsch says this is safe for long term use. I guess this just boils down to whether or not you want to take a supplement the rest of your life or you actually want to change yourself for the better.

Now we see 5 women who have used Sensa and the first lady has lost over 120 pounds on the program. She says is caused her to lose weight even though she ate pizza and burgers. Oz asks if she changed her diet at all or is she still just munching out on bad foods and taking the product. Oz asks Aronne about this woman’s experience and he says he can show lots of people just like her that have lost weight by diet alone. He says that one size does not fit all in achieving our weight loss goals. Now we get a lady who used the product and it didn’t work. One talks about how it was annoying to have to remember to put the powder on her food.

Hirsch says these ladies didn’t give it enough time and no fad diet works. He says that this product is designed to produced gradual weight loss over a 6 month period and you won’t see instant results. Oz did his own research test with 6 women. Most women say they did feel full quicker on the product. One that did not get the full sensation said she is more of a snacker and the product did not curve her cravings at all.

Now for the discussion. Dr. Aronne says it could work but it is not what we really want in a long term plan to lose weight. Kirkpatrick says we should not depend on a supplement and the long term sustainability of using any product like this is not achievable. Oz says Sensa might be a way to get you to start focusing on your overall health and try to change the way you eat. He says that anything that helps you get healthy is a good thing but nothing replaces healthy choices in our diet.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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