Dr. Oz Show Recap 11/27/2012: Shut Down Stress And Conquer Belly Bloating


Dr. Oz opens today talking about how to reduce stress in our lives and get healthier while managing our busy schedules. He has three women go through a task to see how they manage stress. One says traffic and kids cause her to get stressed and she blows up at times. Next, a schoolteacher has simmering stress all day and it just keeps going. Finally, the last volunteer says she just keeps things bottled up inside her. Oz brings out Holly Lucille who is a stress management expert.

Holly says that stress can be managed with all natural remedies. The first stress type is the person who just boils over and blows up. The second is the person who just simmers all day long. Finally, Stress Swallowers keep their stress bottled up and it can lead to all kinds of digestive issues. We get a demonstration with beakers full of liquid. They add a powder that represents cortisol, which is produced when we suffer from stress. Oz says no matter how we deal with stress, our body still has to deal with the cortisol. Holly will give us the best alternative medicine solutions to managing your stress.

For exploding stress types, Holly says we need Siberian Ginseng and you should take 1/8 teaspoon three times a day. This will get your stress fuse to take longer to blow up and it works instantly. Next, for the simmering stress type, you need to use Vitamin C and you need 1000mg in a time release capsule. Finally, for those that keep everything bottled up inside, you need Passion Flower and just put 5 to 10 drops on your tongue before bed time. Remember, keeping your stress level low will keep cortisol out of your system and prevent belly fat build up and a host of other health issues.

Now Oz shifts gears and talks about belly bloat. First, one woman says her belly is constantly bloated since she had kids. She admits her eating habits have changed and she eats more snacks and constantly needs energy to keep up with her kids. Next, a lady says her stomach gets bigger as the day goes by. She also says she gains weight during the day and has gained 5 pounds in one day. Finally, we see a lady that gets painful gas build up as the day goes by. She says she cannot burp and by the end of the day she is in pain.

Now Oz says to get rid of bloating we need to focus on what we eat. He says that we need probiotics and they are bacteria that maintain digestive health. Gas comes from under digested food and probiotics will digest more of the food we eat. First, to get more probiotics, we need to eat more yogurt. Oz says to do it every day for two weeks minimum. Oz says it is best at breakfast and you need 6 ounces with no sugar added and the words “live active cultures” on the label. There is also a supplement for this and you need to take it instead of yogurt and Oz recommends the brand Digestive Advantage. He says it could even be better than yogurt.

The next way to get rid of bloating from gas is the wind relieving pose. Lay on your back and bring your knee up to your chest and hold it for 30 seconds. Now reverse the legs and do it again. This will help expel all the gas inside you. Next, the child’s pose is where you sit on your knees and bend forward and hold for 30 seconds. Oz says these simple exercises can get rid of excess gas and make you feel better.

Oz takes questions and many of the complaints are about eating healthy foods like cabbage, beans, cheese, apples, potatoes, and corn. He says our body will get used to digesting these if we keep eating them regularly but if you still need help, try Beano. You should always stay away from things with artificial sweeteners as that can cause bad gas and bloating.

That is the show for today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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