Can Therapy Change You From Gay to Straight? Dr. Oz Show 11/28/2012

Dr. Oz gets serious today by exploring Reparative Therapy that claims it can change gay people into straight people and this will be one big debate. A huge list of special guests to weigh in on both sides of the issue are: Christopher Doyle, LMFT, RTD, Rich Wyler, Eliza Byard, PhD, Ross Murray, Aaron McQuade, Brad Lamm, Clay Aiken, Dr. Julie Hamilton, Dr. John Sharp, Gabriel Arana, and Peter Drake. This will boil down to whether or not being gay is a choice or it is part of our genetic makeup. Look for a heated debate on today’s show as Doctor Oz will try to keep the tempers from flaring.

Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality was written by Joseph Nicolosi, PHD and has stirred vibrant responses from the gay community who believe the being gay is how they were born and cannot be changed. The therapy was actually banned on minors in California. One the other side of the coin, many people refuse to believe that being gay is anything more than a lifestyle choice. Just like politics, the people in both of these extreme fringes refuse to even accept the possibility could be somewhere in the middle.

There are many actors like Anne Heche who have lived a gay lifestyle and then returned to a straight lifestyle with seemingly little problems. Nicolosi admits in his book that the true identity for all of us is not black and white but somewhere along a line that goes from gay to straight. He says where we are on the line changes during our lives and the outside events we live.

I have no doubt that there are many people who are born gay just as I have no doubt that there are people who choose to be gay. So is offering therapy to someone who thinks they are making a choice in lifestyle a bad thing? Look to the show today for answers.

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  1. Mark Sanford says

    Im not sure if a person can be changed “from gay to straight.” Im not sure human sexuality is that black or white. Kinsey’s work in the 1940s & 50s suggests that our sexuality is on a continuum, meaning some are strongly attracted to the opposite sex, and others to the same sex, with more people in between. Our sexuality seems too complex to put people in either box, nor judge them when they don’t fit in ours. And I object to either side that says “I have to choose the RIGHT way–their way.”

    I’ve spent a lot of money in personal work–therapy, growth groups, etc., and realize that I my investment has tremendously helped repair a lot of psychological and emotional damage from early childhood, some of which expressed itself in sexual attraction for other males. Through the journey of trying to “repair my sexual identity,” I’ve experienced tremendous help in other areas–deep acceptance of my inner self; love and acceptance for others caught in this dilemma; repair of damage caused from an alcoholic father; an emotionally dependent mom; repair from early childhood bullying; a lot of self understanding and acceptance; freedom from irrational fears; the placement of good relational boundaries; respect and tolerance for others who believe different than myself; too many issues to count, all of which have been extremely beneficial in becoming relationally healthy and free to find my primary identity as someone more than just my sexuality. There truly is more to me than whether I’m gay or straight, or both.

    My caution flags go UP when I hear any agenda that is fueled by hostility and the disrespect of someone else’s freedom of choice, regardless of how noble the cause. Seems those who preach “tolerance” are some of the most intolerant to opposing view points, and those who preach “love” are some of the most unloving toward those who disagree with their life choices. We will never all get along in this world, nor will we all see eye to eye regarding such heated issues. Taking personal responsibility for ourselves and discovering why each of us are put on this planet seems to be a fulfilling objective.

  2. mbh says

    Will you be airing this again. Our family needs much much help in this area. Thank you Thank You. Please keep my email & name confidential No one else can read my comment or they will know it is me.

  3. ben moyer says

    i’m gay and am watching the episode regarding repairative therapy. i heard the therapist calim that he wouldn’t have had his children had he not gone through this therapy. why couldn’t he have children and be married to a man.

    also, if he is claiming the he was meant to be straight then maybe he was always straight and never gay, maybe thats why his so called therapy allegedly worked.

    also, can they make straight people gay, is that also repairative therapy? this guy is not safe to be practicing such unbelievable acts.

    i don’t need to be repaired and i can finally and legally marry my partner of 18 years in maryland, next needs to be federal recognition.

    i’m not ashamed of who or what i am, nor would i teach my child or grandchildren to be ashamed of who they are.

    please air this, please

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