Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Program On Dr. Oz Show Today 12/5/2012

Dr. Oz is running his show with Dr. Joel Fuhrman again today where he explains his eat to live program. this radical departure from the standard way we look at food has helped many people shed their health problems and lose weight. Joel is a firm believer that what we put in our bodies can drastically change the way we fight off disease and help us live fuller and happier lives.

Some of the highlights from this show is that Fuhrman believes that diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease can be prevented and even reversed by changing only our diet. He says that medications are a crutch we use because we don’t want to give up eating certain things in certain ways. His plan takes you away from eating so many animal based products and promotes what he describes as the GBOMB plan.

GBOMB stands for Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds. He says that incorporating more of these into our daily diet can give us drastic improvement in the way our body fights disease and our overall health. Joel also basically flips the food pyramid upside down. He looks at nutrient density instead of just calories and fat. The more nutrients you give your body, the better your health will be.

Now this show originally aired at the start of this season of The Doctor Oz Show so we already have a full recap available for you to read. Just Click Here for our recap from September 18. 2012.

I have been using the GBOMB method now since early October and I feel a lot better than I have in years. I seem to have a lot more energy and don’t get as tired as I used to in the afternoons. It does take a bit of getting used to though and it will have a few side effects that can be embarrassing like extra gas. But it is worth it.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. Lsette Laffoon says

    I would love to order the Book “Eat to Live” by Dr Joel Fuhrman I have so many problem so does my Husband.

    Please tell me where I can get his book. Saw him on Dr Oz today, I want to fill good like I use to.

  2. Victoria Cain says

    Hurray for Dr. Fuhrman! We need a teacher like you to share your wisdom about food=medicine. BTW, after Dr. Fuhrman appeared with Eat To Live, “GBOMBS”, etc… Dr. Oz presented his metabolism segment of the show. I have to say that I was disappointed that Dr. Oz emphasizes dairy and eggs for good fats, instead of raw nuts and crunched seeds. Go figure?

  3. Michele says

    After watching Dr. Fuhrman’s program

    I ate GBOMBs for 4 days. On the 5th day I was craving a glass of wine and chicken wings.

    On the 7th day I ate 3 bowls of Kashi cereal .

    Seems like I was craving fats and carbs.

    I will be buying the book ” Eat to Live” but was hoping you could ask tthe Dr. if there is any place for wine and coffee on his program or are alcohol and caffeine prohibited as they are on the Atkins diet ?

    Also, I read Dr. Oz comments about metaboloc types and what diets are necessary for each type in order to lose weight. Is his advice consistent with Dr. Fuhrman’s program?


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