Are Soy Products Good For You? Dr. Oz Gets To The Truth Today 12/12/2012

Dr. Oz is exploring the world of soy products and will determine if they are good for you or not today along with getting up close evidence from the world of a Medical Examiner. We see them everywhere, soy milk, soy cheese, soy burgers. Is soy healthy and what are the risks of using it? Today, Doctor Oz will set the record straight and give us all the facts about how soy can be a healthy alternative to add to our diets and what to watch out for.

Soy was supposed to be healthy and prevent heart disease because it doesn’t contain fat. The American Heart Association reported that soy may not even help prevent heart disease back in 2006. Some recent studies in Europe suggest that soy products are actually harmful to young children that are still developing. Fat is an important nutrient our body needs. Reducing the amount of fat we consume when we are young may create developmental problems.

Soy based infant formulas have been known to contain high levels of aluminum and manganese. Our body needs manganese but it can be bad for children if they get too much. Look for Oz to break through all the hype and give us the facts we need to know about soy products today.

Also, Oz has Dr. Jan Garavaglia who is a medical examiner. She will be talking about how doctors are using medical science to see exactly how certain things effect our health. By examining the bodies of people who have died from certain diseases, we can get a better understanding of how the foods we eat can take a toll on our body and the damage that can be done.

If you can’t watch the show today, Please check back here on CMR for our full recap. We bring you the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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