Dr. Oz Recap 12/12/2012: Dr. G Medical Examiner And The Truth About Soy Dangers

Dr. Oz starts off today’s show talking with Dr. Jan Garavaglia who is a Florida Medical Examiner and the Star of the Discovery Channel Show called “Dr. G: Medical Examiner.” We start off by getting a little background on what exactly is required to get into this field. It requires 4 years of medical school, 4 years of pathology, and 1 year of Sudden and Unexpected Death Training. This is no lightweight field for people who just can’t make it through regular med school.

Medical Examiners can contribute to health discussions because they see what happens in the body after a person has died from a disease. Dr. G gives us live files and we can see the process of how she goes about finding the cause of death. I really never thought this would be an interesting subject but this discussion shows us exactly what things like blood clots do to our body.

One file we see had a woman that bled to death internally. Dr. G says that when she saw the blood in the intestines she knew the patient had bled to death. By checking the house where the body was found, she found ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen. Overuse of these over the counter medications can lead to stomach ulcers. This is where the stomach lining is literally eaten away. It leads to internal bleeding. Overuse of NSAIDS are a major cause of ulcers and this can lead to death.

Now Oz shifts gears and talks about Soy. Is it safe for you? Kristin Kirkpatrick comes on the show and says yes. She says there are a lot of misconceptions out there about Soy. Kristin says that eating 1/2 cup of tofu or 1 cup of soy milk a day can lower a woman’s breast cancer risk by 30%. She says Soy is heart healthy and actually helps to lower LDL Cholesterol levels. Although the recent studies say it is not a big a benefit as expected, she says any benefit is a good thing for helping to prevent heart disease.

Now we talk about what soy you need. There are good soy products and bad ones. Oz has list on a scale of bad to good. Energy Bars are full of sugar and processed flour so they are not as good for you. Kristin says soy ships have no real value and you may as well eat a regular potato chip. Tofu and Edamame is really good and Tempeh is even better. Like soy burgers? Well they are just above energy bars on the scale so they are not as good for you as you think. Now we talk about milk. Soy milk has a lot of added stuff and to get the best benefit we need to look for Whole Bean Soy Milk. If the shelf life is very long it means the milk has too many additives. Kristin says we should incorporate 1 to 2 servings of good soy a day into our diets.

The final segment talks about Holiday Shopping. Oz says we need to carry our bags in both hands to distribute the weight equally. If we don’t, you can have aches and pains that will stop you in your tracks. If you overdo it and have sore muscles then don’t reach for the pain reliever. all you need it castor oil, plastic wrap and a heating pad. Rub castor oil on the effected area, wrap it with the plastic, and then put a heating pad around it on a low setting.

Standing in long lines can cause our legs to ache. It is because we have more blood circulation while we are walking. Oz says to stop this before it starts, just raise on leg at a time and wiggle your toes while rotating your foot in a circular motion. Keep alternating legs while you are in line and you won’t get leg pain. Oz gives us a couple of handy tips as the show ends. To make boiled potatoes easier to peel, soak them in ice after you boil them and the peels will just wipe off. Everybody hates to see all the lint from paper towels on our glass after we clean it. Oz says to use a coffee filter and we won’t have it there anymore.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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