Dr. Oz Recap 1/04/2013: “The Biggest Loser” Stars Talk Candidly About The Show


Dr. Oz opens today saying he has the stars and contestants from the hit TV show “The Biggest Loser” on the show to discuss weight loss secrets and safety. Bob Harper, Dolvett Quince, and Jillian Michaels are all on the show today. Jillian is up first and she is returning to the show this year after taking some time off. She says she had to leave the show because it was time to focus on starting her own family. She and her partner Heidi have adopted one child and have one of their own through Heidi.

She says she feels the connection with the contestants on the show because she was overweight as a kid and she loves to see people succeed. Oz says her appeal is because she does not sympathise with the contestants but she can empathise with them. Jillian agrees that this gives her a connection that other trainers don’t have with their contestants. does she get along with all the contestants? No, but she says that disagreements help motivate her to work harder at getting them to reach their goal.

Now Bob Harper comes out and he says the return of Jillian is like a homecoming. He says he keeps motivated by trying to look at each situation through the eyes of the contestant. Each one has different needs and strengths. He talks about how the changes in the people are not typical and he worries that home viewers should not expect to see the same results. The show has doctors on call and on set to ensure the health of the contestants. The rigorous routines and diet can be dangerous without full medical supervision.

Now Dolvett Quince comes out and he is the “new guy” here as he has only been on the show for 2 years. He brings a new attitude and is different than the other trainers because some think of him as being too harsh. All three trainers talk about how the biggest key to success at losing weight has to start with hope. You have to believe than you can change or you are doomed to failure. Oz has said that diets are 90% mental many times. Once a person crosses the line and finally believes that they can change, the results are always good.

Now some of the past contestants come on the stage. Patrick, Tara, Olivia, and Hannah all take the stage to talk about their journeys and how they maintain their weight. Tara is first to talk about how she needed something to stay motivated and remind her to stay on track. She keeps a goal bracelet on her dominant hand to remind her she needs to stay on track.

Patrick, who travels a lot now since he is a motivational speaker, keeps his “little black bag” with him at all times. He fills it with healthy snacks like baked sweet potato chips, almonds with sea salt, and protein shakes. He says this allows him to eat healthy no matter where he is so he stays on the right track.

Hannah and Olivia are sisters and this allows them to support each other. They have maintained their weight by allowing themselves to not be perfect all the time. They give themselves a “cheat” day to indulge in foods that are not healthy. Oz says this is a great idea because it tells us we don’t have to be perfect all the time and it will actually help to keep our metabolism off kilter and we will lose more weight.

For the first time in its history, The Biggest Loser will focus on childhood obesity. Children learn bad habits when they are young and by helping to motivate these kids, the goal is to get them to make healthy choices the rest of their lives. Oz asks what will be different and Jillian says it will involve a lot of motivation without breaking down the children like they do with the adults. Dolvette says they will not be weighing the kids and the show will focus more on healthy choices instead of how much each one loses.

Oz introduces Dr. Joanna Dolgoff who will be one of the doctors helping with the kids. She has devised a simple plan that will help kids with the meal choices they make. Foods are broken down into the colors of a traffic light with green for good, yellow for caution, and red for not so good choices.

Green light foods are Lean Protein, Whole Grains, Low Fat Diary, Fruits, and Vegetables. Yellow light foods are Granola Bars, Mashed Potatoes, and Red Meat. Red light foods are Creamy Pasta, Fried Foods, and Ice Cream. She says we can eat Green Light foods anytime. Yellow Light foods should be eaten less frequently. Red Light foods should only be eaten twice a week and we should cut them out as much as possible. This is called the “Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right Diet.” Looks like a great simple plan for adults as well as kids.

That is the show for today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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