Meredith Vieira Talks Multiple Sclerosis On Dr. Oz Show Today 1/9/2013

Dr. Oz has TV personality Meredith Vieira on the show today to talk about how she dealt with the diagnosis of her husband having Multiple Sclerosis. Meredith had a successful career on TV with the Today Show and she made the decision to put her family first and walked away from a lucrative contract. Many regular people make this decision to forgo their career to care for a loved one every day. Oz gets up close an personal with Meredith and her husband to talk about their struggles and their triumphs.

Multiple Sclerosis is an extremely complicated disease. It happens when the fatty myelin sheaths that protect the pathways for the brain to communicate with the spinal cord and the rest of the body are broken down. This is usually from a person’s own defensive mechanisms attacking this important membrane. A person may have days where they are perfectly fine and then suddenly lose all the ability to move one side of their body.

There is no known treatment or cure for MS. It just progresses at its own rate and continues for a lifetime. This presents many challenges for those trying to care for MS patients. all you can do is be there and help when needed. Meredith decided to put away her career to care for her husband. Today we will see exactly what it is like living with a loved one that has MS.

Hopefully oz will have some suggestions and new treatment ideas for people with MS to try. Maybe he will suggest some Holistic approaches that have shown promise. If you know or live with a person that has Multiple Sclerosis, you need to watch today’s show.

Oz airs at different times across the US so check your local listings for the time in your area. As always, you can check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.

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  1. June Richmond says

    WOW Karen – I am sorry you are having such a bad day. Drink some water and hydrate those veins…lets the happy juices flow. Thank you Medideth and Dr Oz for sharing this story. I as a MS patient truly appreciate it and as many long for a cure for MS. We will get there someday… we got to stop wasting money on new drugs and vein therapies and focus on finding the cause of MS so we can cure it.

  2. Robert Gunnells says

    Thank you for bringing the spell check problem to my attention. It is not by choice and I have never been told this was not working. We will work on it.

  3. Karen Copeland says

    Dr. Oz should not be spreading rumours around willy nilly. The auto immune theory is just that – A THEORY and after more than 60 years, they still have not proven it. He is right that there is no cure for MS but there are many treatments, most notably venography, that do work for many people. Furthermore, it is hard to find a cure when no one knows or is even looking for a cause.
    And what kind of paranoia causes the web master here to disable spell check?? It is a cruel and foolish thing to do to people with disabilities such as MS. Trust me, you do not need to worry about me copying this tripe about MS.

  4. Christine Langer says

    I love you on millionaire. I also have MS and can relate to you and Richard. I agree that the one thing you need is a sense of humor. Also I look at Ms as the ability to do things not as a disability. I have a wonderful and supportive group of family and friends Most of us with Ms are a type A personality so it is harder for us to slow down and smell the roses. I have been a fighter all my life will be 69 on 1-21 weighed, birth so I know I am here for numerous reasons.You and Richard have very positive attitudes which is a huge part of the puzzle. Take care both of you.

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