Dr. Oz Recap 1/15/2013: Fat Blocking Soda, Yoga And Sugary Drinks Causes Strokes?

Doctor Oz starts out by introducing Dr. Sanjay Gupta and how this journalist, brain surgeon, and author has made a career out of his love of medicine and the need to advise the public on certain events. This is the first time these two popular TV Doctors have been together on the same show. Oz asks why he became a doctor and he says that it was his fascination with how the doctors took care of his grandfather when he had suffered a stroke. Gupta says his most rewarding moment as a journalist was when he used a Black and Decker Drill to perform brain surgery in a field hospital in Iraq.

Jesus, was the soldier’s name and Gupta says he is doing fine today. Gupta also turned down being considered for Surgeon General because he said his family and career were more important. Oz gives him a quick quiz on a range of topics. Favorite Music in the OR is “Just Breathe”, Favorite TV Shows are “St. Elsewhere” and “Chicago Hope”. Now his guilty pleasure is chocolate ice cream but he says they walk to the store to get it and he admits he chews his finger nails. His hero is his mom who was the first female engineer at Ford.

Oz asks Gupta how he stays healthy. Gupta starts each day by getting dressed with his eyes closed to keep his brain sharp. He only eats 70% of the food on his plate at lunch. He says it helps keep you slimmer and it helps keep your will power up. He says you can eat up to 500 extra calories at the end of a meal so this saves a lot. Gupta says he doesn’t sit if he can possibly avoid it. He says physical activity helps the brain and he tries to have his meetings and take phone calls while moving around. Now Oz and Gupta have a push up contest. Gupta finishes his day with a special drink.

Gupta gives us his Creamy Turmeric Tea Recipe. Just heat 1 cup Almond Milk and add the following: 1 tsp. Cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. Turmeric, 1 tsp. Ginger, and 1 tsp. Honey. Oz says this tastes great and will help relax you before you go to bed.

Now these two get serious and talk about the health topics for 2013. The first topic is Fat Blocking Soda and this is supposed to block the fat you absorb by adding fiber. Gupta says this will be in the US soon and it may have some benefit. He says the problem is that most people over use these types of products because the think it is doing them good. Next, they talk about the dangers of repeated brain trauma from sports like football. Gupta says this is a real problem and the game will change very soon. Gupta says the whole culture needs to change because this is can be causing permanent damage in our kids. Oz recommends 400mg DHA Omega3 for four days after your child has a hit to the head and he says we need to rest for one week afterwards.

Now Oz and Gupta talk about stroke risks in young women. Gupta says high blood pressure, being 10 pounds overweight, family history, and Diabetes are the common causes of strokes. Gupta says migraines, called vascular headaches, make the vessels in the brain spasm and can cause strokes. Next, taking birth control pills could put you at risk also because you can form blood clots when taking the pill and these can travel to the brain. Giving birth is a traumatic event and your risk for a stroke increases for 12 weeks after you have your child.

Gupta says that sugary drinks put you at risk for a stroke. You can reduce your chance of a stroke by 83% by cutting out these drinks. Finally, certain neck movements like you do in Yoga, can cause strokes. Gupta even says these movements can happen while having sex and some of the guys out there will hear this new excuse soon.

About 100,000 women will die this year from a stroke because most do not recognize the symptoms in time. Gupta goes through the list of signs you need to be aware of to know when you are having a stroke. If you get treatment within three hours of having a stroke, your chances of survival go up. The symptoms of a stroke are: Sudden Vomiting Or Nausea, Pain On One Side where you get Numbness or tingling on one specific side of the body and you should never ignore it. Sudden Hiccups that come on suddenly are another sign to be aware of. Extreme Exhaustion that comes on suddenly and sticks to you is a sign you may need help.

If you think you are having a stroke and see these warning signs, get help immediately!

Now Oz and Gupta discuss cell phone radiation and the health concerns. Cell Phones do produce radiation but it is nowhere near the levels of X-ray machines. Gupta says we don’t have the research we need to make informed decisions about the risks because wee need 30 years of data. I thought that the government tested for this but government data is based on you using your phone only one time per week. Gupta says you need to use an ear piece as much as possible when using your phone. Children should use cellphones as little as possible because their brains are still developing and their skull is softer than an adult.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz.

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