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Lance Armstrong Comes Clean to Oprah on “Next Chapter” (1/17/13) Tonight!


It is the day the sports world has waited for! Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France, who has for more than a decade repeatedly denied allegations related to drug use, finally pulls an Oprah interview to discuss his involvement with drugs and to answer questions about the accusations levied against him by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. In a whirlwind testimonial, he reportedly “comes clean” to Oprah Winfrey on Next Chapter in a two-night exclusive special which will be simulcast on oprah.com while airing on OWN.

There is speculation as to what will really be revealed in this interview session. Oprah Winfrey, who appeared earlier in the week on CBS This Morning, talked with Gayle King and Charlie Rose about the interview without giving any real specific details other than to state she felt the interview was tough on him but Armstrong did not come as clean as she thought he would have in light of the gravity of his situation. In addition, Oprah states she was uncomfortable with hacking up the interview to fit into a one episode time slot as too much of what the public has been waiting to hear would fall on the cutting room floor. Thus the decision to create a two-night event was made. Many out there are wondering whether or not what Lance Armstrong reveals to Oprah will be enough to clear his name with the public and Armstrong has stated he feels it is up to the public to make their own judgments about the events. As seen in this report with Scott Pelley (60 Minutes) where he interviewed Travis Tygart, CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, who has accused Armstrong of running the largest dope ring in sports asserting threats were made to those who challenged the cyclist, Armstrong has a lot to answer for. Accordingly, there are charges pending by federal government to collect funding which Armstrong received for his cycling team.

Tune in this evening to OWN at 9/8c for the first part of this historical interview. The second segment will air tomorrow night at the same time and CMR will be watching to cover it in detail. If you are unable to capture the show, return here to read a recap which will follow both segments.

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